Seems like Bloc Party is taking up all the news here! Although we are already getting the new Bloc Party album super quick, they have made yet another song available in advance. Bloc Party have made the track ‘Trojan Horse’ off of new album ‘Intimacy’ entitled available to stream on their myspace. The song seems to come back to the sound they had on Silent Alarm tracks Helicopter and Banquet.

Fans who were disappointed by first single ‘Mercury’ should be more satisfied with this. I only listened to it once so I am not 100% sure where I stand on this, but I do think I enjoyed it more than ‘Mercury’ for sure. Back to some rocking solo’s and fuzzy distortion effects on the guitars. Great opening lyrics with “”You used to take your watch off before we made love, you didnt want to share your time with anyone.” Bloc Party seems to be a band people are hating on recently, hopefully this will get people shouting for them again. “God bless Bloc Party”

Give it a go right here. Preorder the new album at

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