Share is reporting that the Hold Steady’s guitarist Tad Kubler had a few negative things to say about Radiohead. NME said that he was against the pay what you want method for In Rainbows, as well as their new direction in music over the last few years. Here is the direct quote:

“I think they’ve lost the plot,” he said. “What are they doing? Where are they going? What’s happening? I don’t get it any more. They lost me.

“I still appreciate what they’re doing, or what they’re trying to do. But I think they’re trying too hard not to be Radiohead. That seems a little ridiculous to me.”

“I like them as a rock band, all the buttons and sequencing and stuff like that I don’t really care for. I’m a fan of rock music and what they’re doing now I don’t think is very good.”

I am a fan of both, but I think he is totally off on this one. Some of Radioheads best songs have come off their new albums. Change and progression is one of the best things for bands. I do like the Hold Steady, but in what way have they progressed or changed their style? He also slammed Muse but took time to praise Oasis. Which is ironic because Oasis haven’t quite changed their style either. Oh well.

You can read the article here. Stream a Hold Stready track below from

Constructive Summer – The Hold Steady (MP3)

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