Got an email introducing me to this band Shearwater. The email linked me to a live performance at the Florence Gould from May of this year. I have seen their name before but never gave them a listen. It is the former collaboration between Johnathan Meiburg and Okkervil River’s Will Sheff. Sheff left Shearwater with Meiburg in order to focus on Okkervil and has continued on ever since. I have read many positive reviews of their new album “Rook” and was interested to hear their stuff.

I let the live show play and enjoyed what I heard. Their music is a bit on the art-rock side, but piano driven with beautiful falsetto vocals from Meiburg. This is quite a cool sound that they have going on. It may take some time to get into these guys, but I have a feeling they will grow on many people. I will be looking out for their album! Check out the performance of “Leviathan, Bound” below live from the Florence Gould!

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