Keane joins what seems every other band lately in releasing their first single “Spiralling” on their website for free download, available until August 11th. (Link is below). The song is off their third album “Perfect Symmetry” which is due on October 13th.

The band took their craving for big stadium anthem rock, gave it a dance boost and ran with it.his song rocks. Right away you notice this isn’t the same sound as “Somewhere Only We Know.” From the first yell of “WHOA” I knew something was different. I almost thought I opened the wrong MP3 until I heard Tom Chaplin’s familiar comforting vocals. They take their turn on 80’s dance rock, and they really made a fun track, It is pretty damn good. Sounds like it could almost fit onto Hot Fuss.

They were smart and realized they couldn’t just keep doing the same thing over and over. don’t understand people’s reasoning on hating Keane. The usual they sound like “Coldplay/Radiohead/U2 just isn’t fair to them. They do what they do well, and now they are reinventing their sound. Props to Keane. Whatever they are doing, they are doing quite well.

BTW singer Tom Chaplin seems to have lost some weight. I almost didn’t recognize him at first glance of their new photo’s below.

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