Calliope Musicals – “Cosmic Poison Arrow”

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2018 Other

Calliope Musicals is a wild party band out of Austin who are led by singer-songwriter Carrie Fussell and have earned some high prise for their live shows.

They’ve since signed to Rhyme & Reason Records and released their colorful single “Cosmic Poison Arrow.”

The cotton candy coated indie pop offering is almost like a female-led Danielson if they went on a sonic journey into space, full of its own unique energy that is pure and uncompromised. It’s a joy to listen to and makes me eager to see what they got for us next. One can only imagine how much fun it would be to hear this song live at one of their shows.

Take a listen to “Cosmic Poison Arrow” via the official music video, which is posted below.

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