Josh Ritter – Thin Blue Flame

By Will Oliver, December 3rd 2009 — with 12 comments MP3

I’m writing this post at 6:35 AM, and I cannot sleep. I am pretty much fucking myself over for my long day today. I got a test too, but I am not too worried about it.

While divulging in insomniac activities like checking how my blog’s traffic ranks among the world, and reading various other music blogs I was stumbling upon the fact that there are so many out there, that it is impossible to keep up with all of them. I never realized how there is such an abundance of blogs out there, mostly posting the same stuff too. It seems like everyone has a music blog now, posting thousands of posts, with just mp3s. This makes me wonder if anyone actually reads what I type. Does my traffic consist of mp3 hunters or avid music listeners who are willing to listen to a 19 year kid voicing his opinion on modern music. I guess most people are just looking for the mp3. Hmm…I am ranting again, sorry.

I have looked through my itunes for some of the decades finer tunes and I just stumbled across a clear cut. It is Josh Ritters masterpiece “Thin Blue Flame”. It is a 9 minute epic country/Americana song that is probably overlooked by 98% of music fans out there. This song is made up of everything that is right in music. Every single minute of “Thin Blue Flame” is used to compose beautiful sounds. This song, builds, and builds, to an undeniably beautiful climax. I could go on and on about why I love this song, but I will let Josh Ritter do the talking. This has to be one of my favorite songs of the entire decade.

[mp3] : Josh Ritter – Thin Blue Flame

I have all of Josh Ritter’s albums, yet I seem to stick to the same few songs. I really need to concentrate on his albums more, because they consist of some of the finest songs of this decade. I think that Josh Ritter may truly be one of the most overlooked artists in music, period! “Thin Blue Flame” is off of the 2006 album The Animal Years. Buy it here.


  1. AC3 Dec 09

    I think, you found a great mix. You have a nice writing style. So, being a mp3 hunter and actually READING your blog, says ’nuff.

  2. Rupe3 Dec 09

    You’re absolutely correct on this song. Josh has also put out a blazing live version on his “In the Dark” live disc which is even more pounding and pulsing than the studio. Been reading your blog awhile, quite enjoy it.

  3. Maribel3 Dec 09

    This is a great song! (I definitely would have overlooked it by the way) Also, I think the writing is nice. It’s more personal than some of the other blogs that only say a few things about the band, etc. 🙂

  4. guerolito3 Dec 09

    thanks a lot for this song! didn’t know it before!

    and about the writing: keep on! really like your style!


  5. Will3 Dec 09

    @AC – Thank you! Every compliment means a lot to me. I’m glad that you take the time to read my blog. Seriously, I can’t thank you enough!

    @ Rupe – I gotta check out that live disc. I can only imagine what he can do to it live! Thanks for reading too, its what keeps me writing!!

    @Maribel – Glad to help you find this one! I am glad you think so, it was my goal!! 🙂

    @ Guerolito – Cheers brother!!!!!!

  6. Naraya3 Dec 09

    “Hmm…I am ranting again, sorry.” — I love reading people’s rants.

    I’m with everyone.. I like your writing.

  7. Tranquilize3 Dec 09

    I’ve been following your blog for about a year now, and I have to say that you are one of my few sources for finding new music. The insight you give on each of tracks you post, or the artists you talk about is so refreshing! It’s great to read about artists from someone who makes it about the music, and not about the latest gossip about them.

    So yeah, your blog is great. I’d say the mp3’s are just a bonus. 😀

  8. Jill4 Dec 09

    THANK YOU for offering us more than just the mp3s. Reading what you have to say is quite enjoyable. Adding that personal touch is one thing that truly sets you apart from the ocean of music blogs that exist today.

    And I couldn’t agree more. “Thin Blue Flame” is an absolutely incredible song. Definitely a staple in my music collection.

  9. Will4 Dec 09

    @ Naraya – Thanks so much! One of the best compliments that I can get!!

    @ Tranquilize – A year! You’ve been around from practically the start then I assume. Which is surreal, even for a small blogger like me! I’m glad that you take away a lot from everything I write here. It means its all worth it!! The mp3’s SHOULD be the bonus, so cheers to that!!

    @ Jill – It’s honestly my pleasure Jill!! I try to add just that much more to my posts to make it personal, and make it stand out.

    I’m glad you guys are enjouing Josh Ritter. I will have to show you all some more of his stuff later!

  10. Alex4 Dec 09

    Nice to see Josh Ritter getting some love! One of my favorites of all time.
    I really agree with you, Thin Blue Flame is such a great song. But his albums are also incredible. Rarely do I have to hit the next track button…

  11. Conga4 Dec 09

    I wish all blogs had insightful write-ups with the mp3s. I just don`t give the others the time of day anymore. Thanks for keeping the quality alive!

  12. Viva30 Dec 09

    i read nearly every day your blog . i like your style of writing and the music ,i can hear , is really interesting .
    sure , i´m a m p 3 hunter from Germany , but i ´m also hunting for Blogs with intelligent text on it..

    p.s. pardon my English .

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