Marlin’s Dreaming – “Sink or Swim”

By Will Oliver, February 24th 2020

New Zealand indie outfit Marlin’s Dreaming has released the first single, “Sink or Swim,” taken from their new album, Quotidian.

The track has a shoegaze influenced beach rock sound, like a combination of the dreamy and hazy elements of DIIV and some more of the melodic polish of Real Estate. All the elements come together with the lush vocals showcased in the chorus that slowly but surely reveals it’s sneaky and smart pop hooks that soon reel you in.

Below find a description about the song from the band.

“It’s a song about detachment, the feeling of struggling to be present and feeling like I was at the whim of something outside of myself,” said frontman Semisi Maiai about the inspiration for the new song. “I wrote it over the last year where I felt like I was going through motions of living without much pre-consideration or afterthought, just simply doing things as they happened.”

Enjoy the official “Sink or Swim” music video below.

[new]: High Waisted – “Boys Can’t Dance”

By Will Oliver, February 12th 2020

Photo by Micahael Todaro

NYC garage-surf rockers High Waisted, the duo of Jessica Louise Dye and Jono Bernstein, have announced their sophomore album Sick of Saying Sorry, which will be released on May 22nd.

Along with the album announcement comes, it’s first single, “Boys Can’t Dance.” The track has some big guitar work and surf rock energy felt in the pummeling drum hits and guitar licks, with Louise Dye’s vocals giving it all a powerful punch.
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[music video]: Sea Girls – “Ready For More”

By Will Oliver, February 12th 2020

British rockers Sea Girls will release their new EP Under Exit Lights on March 6th via Polydor Records.

We shared the EP’s current single “Ready For More” last month and today we are back to share the official video for the song.

The lively video which captures the urgent and youthful energy of both the song and the band was directed by Sophia & Robert and can be found available to watch below.
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Joseph – “Shivers” (Live For Vevo)

By Will Oliver, February 12th 2020

Joseph, the trio of sisters Natalie, Allison and Meegan Closner, returned with their third album Good Luck, Kid last year via ATO Records.

One of the highlights of the album was the lovely “Shivers,” of which the trio recently gave a haunting live performance of for Vevo, recorded here in New York.

You can find the stunning live performance of “Shivers” available to watch below.
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Photo by Will Oliver

Christine and the Queens has returned with new single “People, I’ve been sad,” released via Because Music.

The track a soulful and thoughtful electronic atmosphere that showcases Chris’ ability to mix smart pop navigation with some addictive production elements. It’s a soothing listen, one that mixes both English and French lyrics and does so flawlessly.

Find the video for “People, I’ve been sad” available to watch below.
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Ose – “The Spirit Axis”

By Will Oliver, February 12th 2020

Ose is the ambient/experimental project of Liverpool-based multi-alias artist, Ewan Fisher.

Last September saw him release his debut album Ellipses and today we are sharing the hypnotic single “The Spirit Axis,” and it’s newly released music video. The track has a dreamy 80s vibe that would fit in perfectly well in next Strange Things soundtrack, but with a gloomy and nostalgic leaning ambient edge that gets the emotions going.
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Four Tet – “Baby”

By Will Oliver, February 11th 2020

Photo by Anthony Bauer

Four Tet will return with his new album Sixteen Oceans in March and has previewed it with the first single “Baby.”

The track features a mix of some lush ambient elements mixed in with some more dance elements pushed forward with the use of a sample of Ellie Goulding’s vocals that give it a colorful burst of light.

You can find the lovely track available to stream below.
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