FEZ – “Repetition”

By Will Oliver, April 6th 2020

Meet FEZ, a fresh band from London who just dropped a great music video for their spectacular debut single “Repetition.”

The track channels a lot of classic rock of the 80s, with plenty of groovy psych influence and delicate synth work that blends perfectly with the guitar rock influences sprinkled throughout.
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Locate S, 1 – “Even The Good Boys Are Bad”

By Will Oliver, March 22nd 2020

Locate S, 1, the project of Christina Schneider, will release her sophomore album Personalia on April 3rd via Captured Tracks.

Back in January, we shared with you the album’s lead single and title track “Personalia.” She’s since returned with the album’s next single “Even The Good Boys Are Bad,” with her partner Kevin Barnes (from of Montreal).

The track combines her sound with that ever-familiar art-pop sound that Barnes has made for the past two decades with of Montreal. It’s a colorful track that was birthed when the two were talking about their daughter beginning to date.

Schneider says:

I worry sometimes we are too distracted by our need to sort the good people from the bad people. Of course, everyone thinks they’re the good guy, so they can do no wrong. The natural conclusion of thinking you can do no wrong is hurting someone. Blind to your own power and privilege, you don’t even realize when you’re wielding it. Maybe the best way to get good is to first acknowledge how bad you can really be. Boys, you go first!

Find the track available to stream below via the official music video.

Best Coast returned with their fourth studio album Always Tomorrow on February 21st via Concord Records.

We saw them perform a few weeks ago out in Los Angeles and the band has recently given fans a glimpse into their live show with somewhat alternative versions of their tracks “Everything Has Changed” and “Different Light” that they performed for Vevo.

Find both performances available to watch below.
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#Bloomerangs – “In Some Shape or Form”

By Will Oliver, March 15th 2020

Jazz outfit #Bloomerangs will release their sophomore LP Moments and Fragments the album features original compositions from their members as well as some songs taken from International Songwriting Competition Jazz category semi-finalist tunes.

“Honoring the title of the record; the music takes the listener into a journey of multiple dimensions and moods with Jazz being the transporting vehicle.” The project features Chris Parker on Drums, Rodrigo Cotelo on Guitars, as well as Stefan Lenthe on Bass and Clay Wulbrecht on Piano.
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An Interview With The Murder Capital

By Will Oliver, March 6th 2020

Irish rockers The Murder Capital have been building quite a bit of momentum overseas both back at home in Ireland and in the U.K. as well. They released their debut album When I Have Fears last year to mass critical acclaim (it was one of our favorites of the year) and now it’s time for the band to have their moment here in the U.S., where they are about to embark on their first-ever North American tour.

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with the band’s drummer Diarmuid Brennan over the phone, one day before they played their biggest hometown show to date. We talked about the early days of the band, their process, how they bring it live every night, and how grief helped shaped their debut album.

You can find our chat in full below and please note that it has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.
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Peter Bjorn and John – “Music”

By Will Oliver, March 2nd 2020

Peter Bjorn and John will return on March 13th with their new album Endless Dream, which will be released via Ingrid.

The band has already shared a handful of songs from the record and they have returned with the latest single, “Music.”

The track has that effortless and smooth upbeat indie pop sound that the band have perfected over the years. It’s not a new take on their sound, but an effective one at that.

The band’s Bjorn Yttling describes the song with the following:

“‘Music’ is a reflection of what music meant for us when we started the band. And how it still is the DNA that keeps us together and makes everything else not as important. A great beat, a cool riff, a beautiful melody singing what’s on our minds.”

Enjoy a listen to “Music” below with the official music video.