IDLES Share New Single “Model Village”

By Will Oliver, August 11th 2020

IDLES keep the steady stream of new songs coming from their upcoming album Ultra Mono, which is due out on September 25th via Partisan Records. This follows previously released singles “A Hymn”, “Grounds” and “Mr Motivator.”

This is a fiery return to form for the band with a no-nonsense punk rocker with all the relevant political and social commentary that the band is always good for.

The single release gets a big boost from acclaimed director Michel Gondry, who directs its animated music video.

Enjoy the new music video below.

Noah Chenfeld – “Empty A” (Live Acoustic)

By Will Oliver, August 11th 2020

New York’s Noah Chenfeld has returned with a live performance of a timely new song entitled “Empty A,” which is a salute to MTA workers and essential workers.

Chenfeld gives a Dylan-esque performance from the perspective of an MTA worker taking a look at the changing landscape around him during this weird and troubling time. It’s a touching tribute and also feels like a nice tribute to all the great folk songs that came before.
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Last year Australian singer-songwriter Bonnie Stewart released her debut album as Bonniesongs, Energetic Mind. On Friday she released the live version of the album, Energetic Mind: Live, via Small Pond Records.

It’s a collection of special live performances, filmed and recorded across the world from her record label Small Pond’s recording studios to music venues across Australia.
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Bjorn Tengman – “Good Ride”

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2020

Swedish singer-songwriter Björn Tengman hits his stride in full force on his awesome new track “Good Ride,” a track taken off his upcoming album A Little Glow.

The track channels a lot of classic American songwriting, such as Kurt Vile and even Bruce Springsteen with a song that sounds like it’s meant to be blasted while your speeding down the highway in a car with your friends.
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denson camp – “Hello, Time!”

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2020

denson camp is a singer-songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama who has released his brand new single “Hello, Time!”

The track begins with a sprawling synth line that captures a sense of melancholy before soon bursting out of the gate with a colorful and hopeful melodic sense. Camp taps into something universal and true, bringing forward a needed burst of joy that feels life-affirming and larger than life.

Find the music video for the song below, along with his description for the track:

This song is a dose of pure joy and happiness, and creating it and its accompanying music video was easily the most single most ecstatic and fun part of my quarantine. Guaranteed to make you smile 🙂

Anya Van Rose – “Setting Sun”

By Will Oliver, August 8th 2020

Anya Van Rose is a singer-songwriter from Canton, Ohio who just released her debut EP, Golden Age.

She produced country-themed rockers with a modern twist and sensibility that gives her soulful vocals plenty of room to roam. Her sound is one that will remind of Waxahatchee or Margo Price, with a country spirit delivered in a garage rock sort of fashion that works well together.
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