Hallan – “Modern England”

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2020

Photo by Tom Westwell

Portsmouth-based four-piece, Hallan is the latest artist to be highlighted by Nice Swan Records’ Introduces Series, teaming up with RIP Records to showcase some of the best emerging talents out there.

They’ve shared their great new single “Modern England,” channeling the post-punk modern spirit of bands like Shame with a edge and flavor that hits all the right notes.
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Bjorn Tengman – “Good Ride”

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2020

Swedish singer-songwriter Björn Tengman hits his stride in full force on his awesome new track “Good Ride,” a track taken off his upcoming album A Little Glow.

The track channels a lot of classic American songwriting, such as Kurt Vile and even Bruce Springsteen with a song that sounds like it’s meant to be blasted while your speeding down the highway in a car with your friends.
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denson camp – “Hello, Time!”

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2020

denson camp is a singer-songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama who has released his brand new single “Hello, Time!”

The track begins with a sprawling synth line that captures a sense of melancholy before soon bursting out of the gate with a colorful and hopeful melodic sense. Camp taps into something universal and true, bringing forward a needed burst of joy that feels life-affirming and larger than life.

Find the music video for the song below, along with his description for the track:

This song is a dose of pure joy and happiness, and creating it and its accompanying music video was easily the most single most ecstatic and fun part of my quarantine. Guaranteed to make you smile 🙂

Stockholm-based duo Yume! have returned with their new single “Under the Red Light.” which sees them teaming up with singer Billie Lindahl who lends her dreamy vocals to the track.

“Under the Red Light” has a Chromatics-like late-night dance groove to it, with some ethereal vocals to lead them through this lovely electronic dance offering.
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Dylan Sherry – “Stars”

By Will Oliver, August 8th 2020

Dylan Sherry is a singer-songwriter from Burbank, California who released his sophomore album Western Sky last year

“Stars” is a standout offering from that album that has had some sustained success on radio stations and Spotify since its release and if you missed out of it, now is a good time for a fresh discovery. The track takes a dreamy approach to the Americana folk sound that Sherry delivers here quite well.

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Beatific – “Strange Visions”

By Will Oliver, August 8th 2020

Beatific is the collaboration between musicians Elad Marish and Jeremy Black (formerly of Apollo Sunshine). The pair have returned with their new single “Strange Visions,” a track off of their upcoming Moonshine EP.

It’s a nice slice of psych-leaning pop that hits you with a sneaky hook, with a bit of an old school retro charm to it that wins you over with relative ease.

Find the song streaming below, along with a quote about its meaning from the band:

This song is about feeling different than “regular” folk. When the middle class / presents under the xmas tree / hanging out out at soccer practice crowd doesn’t jive with the young blood’s program. Instead of what was promulgated growing up in suburbia, our protagonist felt more at home day dreaming, night dreaming, being alone, being in nature, and reading crazy shit in the library.

Anya Van Rose – “Setting Sun”

By Will Oliver, August 8th 2020

Anya Van Rose is a singer-songwriter from Canton, Ohio who just released her debut EP, Golden Age.

She produced country-themed rockers with a modern twist and sensibility that gives her soulful vocals plenty of room to roam. Her sound is one that will remind of Waxahatchee or Margo Price, with a country spirit delivered in a garage rock sort of fashion that works well together.
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