Boy Pablo – “hey girl”

By Will Oliver, May 30th 2020

Norweigian bedroom pop artist Boy Pablo has finally announced his long-awaited debut album Wachito Rico, which will be released on October 23rd via 777 Music. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly two years since we saw his NYC live debut performance at Baby’s All Right.

Along with the album announcement comes the brand new single “hey girl.” The 21-year-old artist continues to create smooth summery lovesick indie-pop jams that have a confident polish to it and this track is no different.

You can find “hey girl” available to stream below.

Widowspeak – “Breadwinner”

By Will Oliver, May 30th 2020

Widowspeak have returned with their brand new single “Breadwinner,” the first new release since their 2017 album Expect the Best and released via Captured Tracks.

The track was recorded and co-produced with Sam Evian and has that lovely melancholic sound that the band have been perfecting over the years.

About the track, the band’s Molly Hamilton had this to say:

I have to recognize all that we took for granted when I wrote this song a few years ago, or even when we were recording it last winter. There was the option to imagine a new reality for yourself, the choice to quit and start over, the possibility to support your loved ones. Obviously, there are lyrics within this song that feel so strangely on-the-nose right now (even the part about bread), and perhaps their meaning has changed since everything is different. Now feels like the only time we could possibly let this song into the world, when everyone is trying to figure out life beyond the way we earn a living, and how we’ll earn anything going forward. So, without wanting to capitalize on the heavy realities we’re all facing, we hope it brings some comfort or at least entertainment to people at home.

Find the official music video for “Breadwinner” available to watch below, which was directed by the band.

Bathe Alone – “In Deep”

By Will Oliver, May 30th 2020

“In Deep” is the latest track from Bathe Alone, the Atlanta-based one-woman solo project of multi-instrumentalist Bailey Crone. We previously shared her tracks “Champagne” and “Calm Down.”. It will appear on her upcoming new album Last Looks.

“In Deep” takes its inspiration from 80’s inspired dream-pop that has a big widescreen approach to the genre with some gorgous instrumentation and vocals that recall classic shoegaze and dream-pop bands as well as more recent acts such as Hatchie.
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Dan Croll – “So Dark”

By Will Oliver, May 30th 2020

Dan Croll will release his long-awaited third album Grand Plan on August 21st via Communion Records. He’s shared a few new singles from the record already and has since let go off the latest one, “So Dark.”

While a lot of the new songs have leaned into a more sparse folk-inspired sound “So Dark” taps back into that more sprawling rock grooviness that feels like a more familiar mature take on Croll’s earlier sound.

The track tackles his experience moving to L.A., as he explains below:

“After a few months in LA I started to find my feet a little, but where I still lagged was on the social side of things. Everyone I met in LA seemed to be desperately happy, sugar coating everything, forcing humour out of fear to be seen as sad. It made me really miss home, It made me miss that dark British humour and the ability to laugh at yourself, no matter how bad it gets. ‘So Dark’ is about that search, and the moment that perseverance paid off to meet someone like minded.”

Find “So Dark” available to stream below.

Meggie Lennon – “Mind Games”

By Will Oliver, May 29th 2020

Canadian dream-pop artist Meggie Lennon is planning to release her brand new album Sounds From Your Lips later this year.

She’s given us a taste of the new record with new single, “Mind Games.” Described as a mix of dream-pop and make-out psych rock, it’s got an atmosphere that feels both summer-like, yet darkly mysterious at the very same time.
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Mewn – “No Country”

By Will Oliver, May 29th 2020

Mewn have spent the past two years honing their sound in a decrepit Manchester mill where their studio resides. They have released their haunting debut single “No Country,” which captures a dark atmospheric energy, channeling some early Arcade Fire with gusto and confidence.

We’re impressed with the way the track is able to effortlessly capture this much emotional grit and power. And to do so on your debut single.
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Wray – “Blank World”

By Will Oliver, May 28th 2020

“Blank World” is the latest new song that Alabama’s Wray have released from their new album Youth / Blank World, which will be released on June 5th via Earth Libraries.

In continues on the plain of an ever-expansive psych-rock groove, with some 90s-esque vocals that are perfectly paired with the colorful sound design of the rest of the track.

You can find “Blank World” available to stream below and find the album available to pre-order at their Bandcamp.
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Marie-Clo – “Trophy Wife”

By Will Oliver, May 28th 2020

Marie-Clo is a singer-songwriter from Ottawa, Ontario who has just released her brand new single “Trophy Wife.”

The track was actually originally written as a ballad but went into different shifts until its final version which is a lush dream-pop sound that takes on some heavy themes, such as the “first-hand objectification, double standards, emotional abuse & unsettling normalcy around sexist behaviors within the industry her partner thrived in.”

This powerful message is captured in both an emotional fashion as well as an effective sonic one that hits home in a genuine and convincing fashion.

Take a listen to “Trophy Wife” below.