Post Death Soundtrack

Canadian music collective Post Death Soundtrack consists of Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore and Jon Ireson. While the group live separately spread out between Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary, they use the power of the internet to stay connected and able to collaborate.

Late last month the group released The Unlearning Curve, an album about eclectic narratives and dropping concepts, taking some risks and venturing into the unknown. One of these risks is a remix of their track “Beauty Eyes I Adore” remixed by Post Death member Jon Ireson, under the name giving it a dark electronic remix dubbed “the dark highway mix.”

It’s definitely best suited for a long drive out on a dark road, or highway, allowing the music to provide the soundtrack for the atmosphere of a late night on the town.

Stream the remix below, and grab the full album at bandcamp (pay what you want) or support the artists over at their CDBaby site.
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Premiere: Bang Gang – Sabazios O (TRPTYCH Remix)

By Will Oliver, August 3rd 2016

Bang Gang - Sabazios O (TRPTYCH Remix)

Icelandic producer Bardi Johannsson who works under the moniker Bang Gang, creates chilly mesmerizing electronic music with an atmosphere. He’s no stranger to these parts.

Last year they released the rather underrated album The Wolves Are Whispering, which included the emotive track “Sabazios O,”, which featured a Sigur Ros-like emotional grip with a ton of power.

Today I have the honor of premiering a special remix of the track from an Icelandic duo named TRPTYCH. The techno group offered their long-time expertise on the dance/techno scene to offer of an analogue dance take on the song that strips it of its elements, creating something new while also maintaining the spirit of the original.

When asked about the remix, Bardi was taken by how his vocals “sound like I just ate a computer or maybe got eaten by a computer on a nice bass and beat.” Who knows, maybe the great Nicolas Winding Refn may use this in his next picture as Ryan Gosling is hitting the road, or another human.

Stream the club ready remix below.
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Premeire: SISTERS – “Back 2 U” (Figgy Remix)

By Will Oliver, August 10th 2015

sisters back 2 u figgy art

Sisters is the Seattle duo of Emily Westman and Andrew Vait. The two have only been making music under Sisters for about a year, but already caught attention for their delightful single “Back 2 U,” taken from their debut EP, Diamonds of Gold. Based on that alone, they found themselves booked at festivals such as Capitol Hill Block Party and Fisherman’s Village Music Festival.

The original version of “Back 2 U” had an early Passion Pit swagger to it. It recently got remixed by East Coast producer Figgy, who slows down the pace a bit, giving the song a sexier, more romantic outlook, while also spicing it up with delicate synths and percussion that keeps the dance influence perfectly intact. It’s does what any good remix should, keeping the main identity of the song while also adding something distinctive.

Today we have the privilege of premiering Figgy’s remix of “Back 2 U” exclusively with you guys. I hope you enjoy it. You can find it streaming below, along with the original version.
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The Drums – “Kiss Me Again” (RAC Mix)

By Will Oliver, April 27th 2015

The Drums - Kiss Me Again (RAC Mix)

Summer is well on the way, and we can always use some upbeat and breezy songs to go along with those warm days spent outside with a cold beer by our side. Last year The Drums released their new record Encyclopedia, a record that I wish people spent more time with, as it’s a real grower and takes some time to show itself.

It seems like RAC agrees, as they’ve taken Encyclopedia track “Kiss Me Again” and spruced it up a little bit more to their own liking. He doesn’t change to much about the song, but it’s enough to give it a shiny new look that will be perfect for some summertime listening.

Find the RAC mix posted below, and head to the track’s soundcloud page for a free download.
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[CMJ 2014]: Adult Jazz at Fader Fort (October 24, 2014)

By Will Oliver, November 7th 2014 — with 1 comment

1_Adult Jazz_Fader

Stop sleeping on Adult Jazz people. If you’re not spinning their fantastic debut album Gist Is on the regular, you’re missing on one of the finest treasures of 2014. The British art-rockers made their U.S. debut at CMJ, stopping in for a few select showcases. I was only able to catch them at their Fader Fort performance, but I’m just happy to have caught them at all.
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Priory – Weekend (Oliver Nelson Remix)

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2014

Priory - Weekend (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Portland group Priory hit all kinds of indie rock moments of gold on single “Weekend.” Memorable guitar lines and a hook-filled chorus that is almost tailor made for usage in tv shows and commercials.

Swedish producer Oliver Nelson has taken the track and transformed it into a dancefloor ready dance jam that seems almost could pass for a new track from Justice. It’s got disco running through its veins, and is a pure good time.

Find it posted below.

Here’s the original mix of “Weekend” as well:

Adult Jazz – Springful (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

By Will Oliver, October 30th 2014 — with 1 comment

Adult Jazz

At first glance you may not see a connection between experimental rockers Adult Jazz and experimental hip-hop group Shabazz Palaces but you then realize that both of them are stretching the boundaries of their respected genres. So it makes sense in a way that they are working together, at least in the form of a remix.

Shabazz Palaces recently took Adult Jazz’s “Springful” and gave it a smokey late night feel, turning it inside out while also somehow letting its core stay intact.

Check out the remix below, via The Fader.
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Amatus – Messin (Jneiro Jarel Remix)

By Will Oliver, October 27th 2014


Earlier in the year we shared a track called “Messin” from Brooklyn-based musician Amatus. It’s a track that plays around with elements of r&b, pop and even a bit of raggae. Here we are a few months later and producer Jneiro Jarel got his hands on it and creates his own magic with his remix.

He keeps the core intact but adds enough flare to give it a whole new perspective. It’s certainly easy on the ears.

Check it out below.
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