Aradia – “No One Can Stop You”

By Will Oliver, February 14th 2020

Aradia is a pop singer out of Brooklyn who composes & produces her own music.

This includes her newly released effort “No One Can Stop You,” a pop song with a big message that soars over colorful synth arrangements. The sort of dance effort made for a hopeful generation that probably needs it more than ever.
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Zilla With Her Eyes Shut – “Whisper Whisper”

By Will Oliver, February 14th 2020

UK Avant Pop artist Zilla With Her Eyes Shut is preparing for the release of her self-titled new album Zilla With Her Eyes Shut, which is due out on March 13th via Accidental Records.

The track, which was released today, showcases the ability of the classically trained pianist turned “pop surrealist,” who creates an unusual but seductive pop quality that certainly stands tall above the rest of the crowded field. The colorful track is described as follows:
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Onsen – “Golden Heart”

By Will Oliver, February 12th 2020

Photo by Brandon Andrew

Los Angeles based indie artist Onsen (real name Drew Straus) has returned with a lovely new offering entitled “Golden Heart.” The track deals with the pivotal moment when someone finds out their ex-partner has a new love, always a bitter pill to swallow.

The track has a powerful and enchanting electronic power to it that perfectly captures the feeling of heartbreak and frustration felt during such a tough situation. The combination of the chilly electronic atmosphere and those delicate vocals is too much to bear.

As Straus explains:

I wrote this when I found out that a long term partner was starting to see someone new. In that moment it’s easy to question every choice you made in the relationship and to wonder if you might want them back. At the very least, it’s the moment a breakup feels definitive. As such, this song is an unexpected emotional upwelling, a mix of wistfulness and gratitude for what you had.

Photo by Will Oliver

Christine and the Queens has returned with new single “People, I’ve been sad,” released via Because Music.

The track a soulful and thoughtful electronic atmosphere that showcases Chris’ ability to mix smart pop navigation with some addictive production elements. It’s a soothing listen, one that mixes both English and French lyrics and does so flawlessly.

Find the video for “People, I’ve been sad” available to watch below.
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Cami Petyn – “Static”

By Will Oliver, January 26th 2020

Los Angeles artist Cami Petyn has just released her debut single “Static, an alt-pop track that balances some weighty topics on its mind.

With a soulful and strong vocal performance, Petyn floats above some icy electronic synth production behind her. Lyrically she talks about overcoming anxiety finding catharsis within the electronic soundscapes.
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Winona Oak – “Control”

By Will Oliver, January 12th 2020

Swedish pop singer Winona Oak won us over with her addictive song “Let Me Know.” She’s since returned with her debut EP Closure, which was released via Neon Gold Records / Atlantic Records.

With the release of the EP also came the music video for title track and single “Control.” It’s another colorful and well-produced electro-pop jam that features Lana Del Rey-esque vocals delivered over some smooth dancefloor-ready production flourishes.

Find the music video for the track below and stay tuned for her upcoming tour dates, which includes some debut headlining shows (including Baby’s All Right later this month) as well as more dates opening up for Oh Wonder later this year.

Cassidy King – “Polaroid”

By Will Oliver, November 19th 2019

Hailing from Chardon, Ohio, singer-songwriter Cassidy King has returned with her new single “Polaroid,” following her previous release “Professional Smiler.” The track features a free-floating pop sensation that reminds a lot of some of the work of recent rising pop stars such as Maggie Rogers.

Of the track, Cassidy notes:

“Polaroid” is about realizing you have every right to let go. That it’s ok to separate yourself from toxic relationships, whether that be familial or romantic. You’re under no obligation to maintain a relationship for the needs of someone else, if it’s breaking you in the process.”

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Kirrah Amosa – “Undefeated”

By Will Oliver, October 20th 2019

Kirrah Amosa is an r&b singer who splits time between Sydney, Australia, and Los Angeles and who has just caught some well-deserved attention for the release of her brand new single “Undefeated.”

“Undefeated” was “inspired by the strength it takes to keep going when it’s getting too hard. It is spoken from the perspective of someone in a relationship but can relate to anyone overcoming any struggle.” The track features a heartfelt and emotional vocal performance with some sharp production that helps guide her thoughtful message forward in a most confident fashion.
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Winona Oak – “Let Me Know”

By Will Oliver, October 15th 2019

Photo by Andreas Öhman

Rising Swedish pop singer Winona Oak has returned with her lovestruck new single “Let Me Know,” a track that she released on her birthday via Neon Gold Records / Atlantic Records.

The track soars to life in a grand fashion that feels like a bit of the emotional vocal range of Imogen Heap with the big grand nature of Florence and the Machine or Marina (and the Diamonds). A lot of today’s pop falls shy of expectations for me but this is the sort of soaring pop magic that is simply irresistible in every way.

Find the music video for the track, which was directed by Andreas Öhman. It’s cler that Oak is someone to keep a firm eye on as her star is so clearly on the rise.
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Sara Ontaneda – “Hey Maria”

By Will Oliver, September 25th 2019

Sara Ontaneda is an Ecuadorian-American (whose based out of New York City) singer, who carefully blends elements of folk, r&B and South American sounds to create something of her own.

She recently returned with her new single “Hey Maria,” a smart and well-built track that showcases her smooth as all hell vocals bu also some lovely instrumentation that plays with r&b and even light elements of pop and jazz.

Here’s what Ontaneda about the inspiration of the single:

The inspiration behind “Hey Maria” came when the singer was visiting her family in Ecuador and the TV was on. The news channel she was watching was talking about the shocking statistics of Femicide and Violence Against Women in Latin America and the world. The singer realized how a lot of times women are judged unfairly when getting into these situations.

You can find “Hey Maria” available to stream right now below.
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