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Ireland’s Fontaines D.C. will return with their sophomore album A Hero’s Death on July 31 via Partisan Records. They’ve already shared two tracks from the album the anthemic self-titled track and the more moody opening cut “I Don’t Belong.”

Today they’ve returned with the third single “Televised Mind,” one of the highlights from their incredibly strong sophomore effort. This one carries the weight of dark-tinted Joy Division tune with an even more primal feel and sonic exploration that shows their continued growth as a band.

The release of the song comes with a brand new music video directed by Hugh Mulhern. Find that available to watch below, along with a description of the track from frontman and lead singer Grian Chatten:

This song is about the echo chamber, and how personality gets stripped away by surrounding approval. People’s opinions get reinforced by constant agreement, and we’re robbed of our ability to feel wrong. We’re never really given the education of our own fallibility. People feign these great beliefs in order to appear trendy, as opposed to independently arriving at their own thoughts.

We were listening to a lot of The Prodigy and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, specifically their song “Open Heart Surgery”. I was interested in extrapolating those types of chord progressions and capturing this droning, hypnotic feel. That last line repeated over and over [“What ya call it”] is a buffer expression that people used here in Dublin. It’s sort of like “umm” or “well…” – it’s what people say when they’re distracted.”

Durham, North Carolina singer-songwriter H.C. McEntire will return with her sophomore album Eno Axis on August 21st via Merge Records.

Along with the new album announcement comes the release of lead single “Time, On Fire.” It’s the sort of magical and lovely folk-inspired outing that she gave us on her debut album Lionheart, just done with an even more expansive pallette.

Find the music video for “Time, On Fire” available to watch below, where you can also find the album artwork and tracklisting.

    Eno Axis Tracklisting:

1. Hands for the Harvest
2. Footman’s Coat
3. High Rise
4. River’s Jaw
5. One Eye Open
6. Final Bow
7. True Meridian
8. Sunday Morning
9. Time, On Fire
10. Houses of the Holy

Photo by Tamar Levine

Cut Copy have announced that they will return with their new album Freeze, Melt on August 21 via Cutters Records/The Orchard.

The announcement comes with the release of their brand new single “Cold Water.” It’s an atmospheric electronic journey, the sort of stuff you do somewhat expect from these guys at this point but in a more contemplative and reflective manner that was found on their debut album and earlier work.

The track follows the release of single “Love Is All We Share” from earlier in the year – which actually isn’t including on the album.

Find a bit about “Cold Water” from singer Dan Whitford below:

“After extensive touring on our last album, “Cold Water” was one of the first new songs to appear. I’d moved to Copenhagen and had been listening to a lot more ambient and instrumental electronic music and as a result “Cold Water” felt quite different to songs we’d made in the past. It was less dance, but more atmospheric. Also the subject matter explores love in today’s context, where the climate and fate of the planet are becoming increasingly uncertain. Once we’d finished it, it felt like we’d placed a marker in the ground, guiding us in a new musical direction.”

Enjoy the music video for “Cold Water” below, where you can also find the album artwork and tracklisting.

    Freeze, Melt Tracklisting:

1. Cold Water
2. Like Breaking Glass
3. Love Is All We Share
4. Stop, Horizon
5. Running In The Grass
6. A Perfect Day
7. Rain
8. In Transit

Sigur Rós frontman and vocalist Jónsi has announced Shiver, his first solo album in a decade, which will be released on October 2nd via Krunk. The album features guest showings from Liz Fraser of the Cocteau Twins and Robyn.

Along with the announcement comes the release of first single “Swill.” The track may take a different approach that fans of Sigur Ros may be anticipating, as it goes a more electronic route. But there is plenty of the stylings that people have come to expect from Jonsi worked into this new canvas.
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Z Berg – “To Forget You”

By Will Oliver, June 25th 2020

Photo by Alexandra Berg

You may know Z Berg from her work as a member of The Like. She’s returned with her new solo record, Get Z To A Nunnery, which is due out on July 10 via Metropolitan Indian. The record features numerous guests including Phoebe Bridgers, Madison Cunningham and Blake Mills.

“To Forget You” is the lead single from the record, a track that has an old timey tender ballad quality to it, like a mix of Lana Del Rey and The Last Shadow Puppets, full of James Bond-esque strings and all.

Find the equally lovely music video for “To Forget You” available to watch below. It was directed by both Lauren Rothery and Z Berg.