Kwoon – “Alaska”

By Will Oliver, March 23rd 2020

French post-punk artist Kwoon has returned with their brand new single “Alaska,” following a six-year break.

The track feels like it’s destined to be used in critical cinematic moments, with a ton of emotional and dramatic heft that channels a lot of emotional weight and beauty within its compositions.
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Jeads – “Left Alone”

By Will Oliver, February 14th 2020

Jeads (full name Jonathan Eads) is an ambient electronic solo artist out of Bellingham who takes sounds from the most unlikely of places, finding their beauty in a unique way. Take his new album Under the Veneer, in which he relied on an old rusty music box as the album’s main instrument.

This is not merely a gimmick, instead, it’s a source of inspiration, one that radiates with warmth, beauty and truth throughout the album.
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The Secret Whistle – “Leisure Theif”

By Will Oliver, April 21st 2019

The Secret Whistle is the Portland, Oregon-based musical project of bassist/multi-instrumentalist Forest Gallien and knob-twiddler/crate-digger Daniel Friedman.

On Friday they released their new album Creeks, a track featuring songs that the duo describes as a combination of subtle elements of hip-hop, lo-fi, dub, ambient, and electronica creating something of a “unique synthesis of experimental organic sounds and textures.”

Take the beautiful and moody “Leisure Theif” that finds a pocket of space that reminds us of some of the best work of acts like Tycho, Bonobo and even Explosions In The Sky. These guys create a textured mood and atmosphere that strikes you immediately and never ever lets go.

Find the lovely “Leisure Theif” available to hear below and the entire album available to hear and purchase now from their Bandcamp.
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You may best know Josephine Wiggs as the bassist of The Breeders. She will release her debut solo album We Fall on May 17th with release coming via The Sound of Sinners.

“The Weeping of the Rain” is a meditative instrumental track from the album that is a slow burn but one that rewards the listener as it goes on. It carries a ton of weight and emotion effectively and convincingly.

Enjoy a listen to the haunting song below and find the album available to preorder over at Bandcamp.
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Stars Like Dust – “Fly High”

By Will Oliver, November 24th 2018

Stars Like Dust is the pseudonym of producer Mustafa Yüksel, which he formed in Turkey just last year. He recently released his debut album Voyager 01 via Kanto Records, which he recorded in both Istanbul and Seattle throughout 2018 and reflects the contrasting atmosphere of these cities. On lead single “Stars Like Dust,” he captures a great cinematic instrumental sound that has elements of 80s new wave and even the feel of synth-led horror movie soundtracks.

“Fly High” takes the listener on a real journey, one that you can experience below.
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Album Spotlight: Rohne – ‘Meridian’

By Will Oliver, November 2nd 2018

During the end of August, you may recall us introducing you to an artist by the name of Rohne, who wowed us with two great tracks with “Meru” and “Aurora”.

They are songs from his Rohne is the project of Portland-based artist Keenan Branch, who spent years honing his craft, traveling the world with his laptop, headphones and field recorder. All of these eventually added up to culminate with the release of his debut album Meridan, which Branch released during the end of September. It features a collective of whirlwind instrumental tracks that take the listeners mind to a place far and away from the stress of present-day reality.
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Himlakropp – “Mumbai”

By Will Oliver, December 29th 2017

Swedish producer Himlakropp released his new album Sunnan this December via Swedish independent label Jämmerdosa

Single “Mumbai” is a thoughtful explosion of sound that actually calls to mind the work of Swedish duo JJ. Each song on the album was named after a geographical location that inspired the producer, which gives even more context to the worldly sounds that are found on the carefully layered “Mumbai.”

You can enjoy a stream of “Mumbai” below and find the rest of the album available to buy and stream on bandcamp.
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Peluché – “BRZDA”

By Will Oliver, October 17th 2017

Peluché is the British trio of Rhapsody, Amy & Sophie. Last year the group released their debut EP Utopia Village which was released via RIP Recordings.

Today we are sharing “BRZDA” the stunning and imaginative instrumental closer that sends their EP off into the sunset in dazzling fashion. Enjoy the track’s official music video which we have shared with you below.
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Heron – “Archives”

By Will Oliver, October 15th 2017

If you’re paying attention you may have just caught a post from us praising the instrumental glory that is Pennsylvania post-rock instrumental collective Heron .

Earlier this year the group released their album You Are Here Now, packed to the brim with stunning instrumental rockers such as the previously shared “Glory” as well as the track we will focus on in this post: “Archives.”

While “Glory” had a more melancholic approach, “Archives” breaks into a more joyful and spirited center which expands and contracts before exploding into something that hits you where it hurts. It’s amazing how much emotion they can find a way of packing into one excellent instrumental jam, but boy do they make it work.

Get taken away by “Archives” below and find the rest of the album available to stream over at bandcamp.
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Heron – “Drop”

By Will Oliver, October 15th 2017 — with 1 comment

At this point in time it’s hard not to hear a beautiful instrumental rock track and not think of Explosions In The Sky. But when I compare a band to EIS it’s a compliment of the highest order, and I hope that Pennsylvania post-rock instrumental collective Heron don’t mind me doing so about their song “Drop.”

Featuring some moving guitar riffs and a strong rhythm core to hold down the fort, there’s a lot of outstanding and beautiful moments on “Drop,” a lovely track that is taken off of the group’s album You Are Here Now, released much earlier this year but still plenty worth your time. All the tracks were recorded live and locally to them in Kane, Pennsylvania a sound which they describe as “More of a composite sound experience than a series of songs.”

Get taken away by “Drop” below and stream the whole record over at their bandcamp page.
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