Leif Erikson – “I Just Want To Be Your Man”

By Will Oliver, March 22nd 2020

London band Leif Erikson recently released their new EP Question Time. We’ve already shared the title track as well as “When Love Rings.”

Today we hit back with the third and final cut from the EP, “I Just Want To Be Your Man.” It’s further proof that Leif Erikson are able to confidently navigate this smooth alt rock sound that is full of clean cut instrumentation and equally smooth vocals.

Find a description about the song from the band’s Sam Johnston, posted below, along with a stream of the track.
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Liberte – “Let’s Go Drive”

By Will Oliver, March 22nd 2020

We’re a bit late on the discovery of “Let’s Go Drive,” the lovely single from Liberté. But with so much free time on our hands with being stuck at home, better late than never?

The song carries a bit of a melancholic pop vibe that reminds of some of the vocal seduction of Lana Del Rey and that hypnotic feeling of some of the best of Mazzy Star.

Find “Let’s Go Drive” available to stream below.

Patrick Ames – “Bang Bang Bang”

By Will Oliver, March 17th 2020

Californian singer-songwriter Patrick Ames will return with his new 6-track EP Liveness. The artist takes a raw personal approach, putting his DIY recording techniques to good use and create something that takes a bit of the classics while also something that is uniquely very much of his own creation. This is certainly the case for “Bang Bang Bang,” one of the first tracks shared from the EP.

The track takes on some timely political topics that certainly ring true in this day and age and does so in a matter that is both soulful and laid back, with some very calming and soothing instrumentation that pairs well with his vocal delivery and style.

You can find “Bang Bang Bang” available to stream below, along with “Want to Believe,” another track released from the EP.
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Katie Toupin – “Don’t Wanna Die”

By Will Oliver, March 16th 2020

Katie Toupin has returned with her new single, “Don’t Wanna Die.” While the track seems well-timed with the recent panic of the Coronavirus, the track is actually about sobriety. As Toupin describes:

At two and a half years sober, this song is about my last night out. However, with the recent world events, it is taking on a new meaning by a lot of fans. 🙂
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Brandon Hoogenboom – “Feelin'”

By Will Oliver, March 15th 2020

Brandon Hoogenboom is member of the band Set Sail, but also released his own album of solo material last year with his album For Mabel.

“Feelin'” is the lead track on the album, one that feels like a sunny day spent driving down an empty highway, longing for a day spent with good company. There’s an easy-going feel to it, that has a bit of a classic rock sound with some free-spirited vocals that are all kinds of welcoming.
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