Multimagic – “Sunshine”

By Will Oliver, October 14th 2019

Cincinnati’s Multimagic, led by Coran Stetter, returned earlier this year after some time off with their brand new single “Dreams.” The band have recently announced that they’re soon to release their brand new EP and it will feature their brand new single “Sunshine.”

It’s a strong return for Multimagic, who return to that attention-grabbing and atmospheric 80’s-inspired sound that is powerful and uplifting in spirit and sonically as well. “Sunshine” soars with a positive feeling that hits you like a warm embrace that you didn’t know you’ve been missing.

Enjoy a stream to “Sunshine” below.
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Tummyache – “Commonplace”

By Will Oliver, October 7th 2019

Tummyache, the indie rock project of Nashville’s Soren Bryce, are preparing to release their debut EP Humpday, on October 29th. We previously shared with you last single “Median,” and today we give you the final preview of the EP with 3rd single “Commonplace.”

The track hits a personal note in a beautiful and truthful wistful manner that has a warm radiant touch that grips you fondly like a warm hug. It gradually expands further as it goes along, finding a new way to stand tall from start to finish.

Enjoy a listen to “Commonplace” below and keep an eye out for the EP’s release later this month.
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Stray Fossa – “Laridae”

By Will Oliver, October 2nd 2019

Stray Fossa released their new EP Laridae on September 27th, and we’ve already shared a handful of lovely cuts from it before it’s release.

We have one last offering to share with you and that is the title track “Laridae.” The track continues the band’s nostalgic pull towards a dreamy feeling of melancholy and longer for those pasts dreams and romances that once were so close but have drifted so far away. It’s a lovingly delivered track, even more, impressive considering that they entirely self-produced and recorded the entire EP in an attic in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Enjoy a stream of “Laridae” below and find the entire EP available to stream in its entirety and purchase at their Bandcamp.
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Oliver Spalding – “Bow Creek”

By Will Oliver, October 2nd 2019

Oliver Spalding is an artist hailing from the UK who has announced the release of his debut album Novemberism, which will be appropriately released on November 15th.

“Bow Creek” is the second single shared from the album, that showcases the dynamic range of sounds that the artist can seemingly explore in a given moment. Spalding plays around with the possibilities of both the electronic genre as well as folk and pop in a similar vein as artists like Bon Iver but with a different sort of wide-spanning cinematic scope to it.

Spalding described the track as “a homage to hazy late-night London” and that the “mood of the song was inspired by the twilight light show of Canary Wharf’s towering buildings and the gentle twisting of the DLR…”

Find “Bow Creek” available to stream below.
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Junodream – “Limiter”

By Will Oliver, October 2nd 2019

Junodream are a rising outfit from London who has caught our attention this year with a number of great releases.

The band are preparing to release their new EP and have unleashed the first single from it, the expansive “Limiter.” The track does have some elements of (good) old Coldplay with a more untamed side that pushes the limits of this sound into a more experimental nature that deviates more towards Radiohead territory with some juxtaposition between the elegant piano work and the untamed guitar work. It’s another winner from Junodream who is a band building something pretty special and need to be known by a much wider audience than they are now – especially here stateside.

Find the music video for “Limiter” posted below, which was directed by Ned Botwood.
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Alexander Biggs – “Miserable”

By Will Oliver, October 2nd 2019

25-year-old Australian songwriter Alexander Biggs who has returned with his brand new single “Miserable.”

The track hits a warm and welcoming note that has a hushed quality that calls to mind the work of acts like Andy Shauf and Conor Oberst, with some devastatingly pretty atmospherics behind it that are produced in a pitch-perfect manner.

Here’s a little background about the track from Biggs himself:
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Pelicat – “So Is It True?”

By Will Oliver, October 1st 2019 — with 1 comment

Pelicat are a Norweigian indie quartet who released their self-titled debut album in January this year and have stayed plenty busy, following it up this October with their new EP Tension Street which will be released via Sellout! Music. Today we share their new single “So Is It True?”

The track radiates with a natural swag and cool that calls to mind some Strokes like elements with the shine of some of the polished sound of acts like Phoenix. It’s smooth as all hell and a perfect listen to hold onto those days of summer that are starting to fade into the past.

Enjoy a listen to “So Is It True?” below.
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Namdose -“Shelter” (feat. Ropoporose & BRNS)

By Will Oliver, October 1st 2019

Belgium/France-based outfit Namdose have returned with their super chill new single “Shelter,” which features both Ropoporose & BRNS.

The track instantly finds a steady groove in its groovy bassline that is paired every so nicely with some well-paired electronics. The effortlessly cool vocal performance carries it all home, radiating cool at all times with a summer-like feeling that it never deviates from even for a second.

Find the music video for the track, which was directed by Thibaut Charlut posted below.
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Starcrawler – “No More Pennies”

By Will Oliver, October 1st 2019

California rockers Starcrawler are preparing for the release of their sophomore album Devour You on October 11th via Rough Trade Records.

The band have returned with the rather mature and classic rock inspired new offering “No More Pennies,” which show sa step-forward for the young rockers. Enjoy the music video for the track below, which was directed by the band’s own Arrow de Wilde, as well as Jonathan King.

Jacob Wright – “Lay Me Down”

By Will Oliver, September 30th 2019

Jacob Wright is a singer-songwriter hailing from Boise who is preparing the release of his debut album via Rock Hand Records. The release date isn’t set yet but Wright was kind enough to share with us the stunning expansive first single “Lay Me Down.”

Instantly the track catches your attention with its warm and friendly melody, welcoming you into this world that he has created. There are aspects that are familiar but he lays out the groundwork in his own way at the very same time, with a convincing and soulful vocal delivery that you can’t help but become swept up with. The texture and tone of his guitar work pull you in further, with some sun-soaked tones that radiate with some cool summer feels that are more than welcome as falls start to really hit.

Stay tuned for more on Wirght’ debut album and find the song posted avialable to stream below.
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