Mother Yeti – “My Best Please”

By Will Oliver, February 17th 2020

Mother Yeti are a rock outfit that hails from the Pacific Northwest, beginning as two high school friends kicking off a jam session in Boise, Idaho, and has now evolved to a 3-5 piece lineup. Their new album My Best Please was released in January via Neurodisc/Global Heist Recordings

featuring songs that dive into the old soulful sound of Americana rock that would’ve fit right in with 70s psych. This is felt on the album’s title track “My Best Please,” a song with rootsy folk vocals and some classic rock influence that is well blended with some more psych-leaning melodies and guitar work.
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Mountain Soundsystems – “ORMUS”

By Will Oliver, February 17th 2020

Mountain Soundsystems is a Seattle-based electronic music producer Jared Sand, who makes live instrumental jams and psychedelic grooves.

On his debut offering “Ormus,” he creates trippy electronic soundscapes layered with synths and beats. His goal is to create a dream-like feeling, or “perhaps the soundtrack for a newer science fiction movie taking place somewhere in space.”
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Sonny Hell – “Behind The Blue Sky”

By Will Oliver, February 17th 2020

Brooklyn-based musician Sonny Hell won us over back in October with his track “Rogue Wave” and he’s done it again with his latest single, “Behind The Blue Sky.”

It’s an energetic rocker that wastes no time launching off into the sun, with a warm summery feeling felt along the way. Never stopping for air, “Behind The Blue Sky” has a bit of Springsteen and some of the wide-open road feeling of The War On Drugs. It’s everything a good rock tune should be.

Here’s Sonny Hell’s explanation about the track:
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13//ali_fawn – “Mirrorshade”

By Will Oliver, February 17th 2020

Detroit-based producer 13//ali_fawn has returned with new track “Mirrorshade,” following “Future Swim,” which we shared back in December.

The instrumental has a cinematic quality to it, showcases many tones and textures, creating a colorful sonic palette along the way. Smooth and funky, smarty produced and executed, it’s a track that never stops evolving and changing shapes.

Here’s a description of the making of the track from the artist himself:
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Far West – “Let It Slip”

By Will Oliver, February 16th 2020

Far West is a synth-pop project from Santa Cruz, California who released its new EP Carry Through back in January.

It’s the sort of cinematic indie pop that has a youthful summery spirit, such as the picturesque and shimmering “Let It Slip.”

Just a few seconds into the song and you can already imagine the proper placement of it included during a party scene or montage in a coming of age movie (this is meant as a compliment).

The whole EP can be streamed and purchased on Bandcamp and “Let It Slip” is available to stream below.

Mopac – “Cross-Eyed Dreaming”

By Will Oliver, February 16th 2020

On Friday, Austin indie psych-rockers Mopac returned with their new EP Burn & Soothe. The band has a knack for making lush melodic indie rock that hits with some vintage sounding vocals that all result in some dreamy goodness.

This is especially true with EP standout “Cross-Eyed Dreaming” with tight instrumentation that has a colorful psych influence over some heavenly vocals that remind of some of the early work from Cults. Gorgeous vocals packed over tight arrangements that sound familiar yet distinct at the very same time.

Find the entire EP available to stream and purchase at Bandcamp and find “Cross-Eyed Dreaming” streaming below.
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Strawberry Generation are an indie rock outfit formed in Providence, with members hailing from Singapore, Belgium, and the USA.

They recently released their debut album Afloat on February 14th, which was written and recorded in Providence and mixed and produced in Singapore with members of Sobs and Cosmic Child.

The group makes romantic indie-pop that has a sweet sugary appeal with a heavy 90s influence. Take album standout “When You Were Here And I Was Sad”, a track that has a fun youthful spirit but also carries a strong emotional torch that feels utterly sincere.

You can stream and buy the entire album on Bandcamp and find the official for “When You Were Here And I Was Sad” available to watch below.

Aradia – “No One Can Stop You”

By Will Oliver, February 14th 2020

Aradia is a pop singer out of Brooklyn who composes & produces her own music.

This includes her newly released effort “No One Can Stop You,” a pop song with a big message that soars over colorful synth arrangements. The sort of dance effort made for a hopeful generation that probably needs it more than ever.
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