J’Moris – “Make It Look Easy”

By Will Oliver, February 14th 2020

J’Moris is a Fort Worth, Texas rapper who recently returned with his new album Blac February, which was released on February 7th.

The 15-track album was set to be autobiographical but also carrying universal weight that anyone could connect with. Such as the standout offering “Make It Look Easy,” which he does exactly just that. His vocals float freely over the 90s-esque beats and sharp production that is smooth and easy-going, allowing his thoughts and ruminations to rise clearly to the surface. Read the rest of this entry »

ST3PH – “Champion”

By Will Oliver, December 8th 2019

Earlier this year we shared with you South East London producer and rapper ST3PH and his track “Alexa.”

He’s recently hit back with his latest single, “Champion” a further push into the genre that he’s called “trime.” On “Chamption” he flashes some fresh beats that are smart, well crafted and perfectly suited for his vocals. It’s taken from his upcoming TRIME II project, which we can’t wait to hear more from very soon.

For now, enjoy a listen to “Champion” below.
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Ethos – “Pretty Penny”

By Will Oliver, September 1st 2019

Ethos has been a staple in the Cleveland music scene for nearly two decades as a drummer, guitarist, and bassist. Recently he made the switch to hip-hop and based on his new single “Pretty Penny,” it was the right decision.

The track is off his upcoming new album Pluto and immediately stands out. Well produced with some ultra chill late-night beats and a 90s vibe when hip hop was more about the words and the way they were delivered, the track reminds of some classic groups like A Tribe Called Quest and some earlier Lupe Fiasco.

A lot of hip-hop has gone into a direction that doesn’t hit home with me anymore but every so often you find a track like “Pretty Penny” that brings the heart and soul of hip hop back to the fold and gives you hope about the future.

Enjoy a listen to “Pretty Penny” with the music video which we’ve shared below.
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ST3PH – “Alexa”

By Will Oliver, June 6th 2019

South East London producer ST3PH caught my attention earlier this year with his grime-influenced single “Get Rid.”

He’s back with a hilariously smart and clever new single “Alexa” that combines his delivery with some lovely production work and beats to create something that is a lot of fun to listen to and very much in its own new category of music (one that he is called TRIME).

Enjoy a listen to “Alexa” below.
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Kate Tempest – “Firesmoke”

By Will Oliver, May 7th 2019

British spoken word artist, rapper, poet, novelist and playwright Kate Tempest will release her third studio album, The Book of Traps and Lessons, on June 14th via American Recordings/Republic Records.

She’s let go of first single “Firesmoke,” a typically captivating and thoughtful listen from Tempest who so elegantly tells a well laid out story throughout the 3 1/2-minutes of the song that absolutely floors and sticks with you.

Enjoy a listen to “Firesmoke” below.
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ST3PH – “Get Rid”

By Will Oliver, March 18th 2019 — with 1 comment

South East London producer ST3PH combines elements of music ranging from grime, trap, hip hop, garage, and reggae, together they form a sound he pioneered called “Trime”. It is also the name of his debut EP, TRIME Vo1.1 which was released on Friday.

You get a sense of the atmospheric and thoughtful sound he has crafted on single “Get Rid” a track that has some chill production and late-night feel that feels like a mix between some of the mood of Burial and the delivery and flow of Dizzee Rascal.

Enjoy a listen to “Get Rid” below.
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Kamron Bahani – “Meditations”

By Will Oliver, May 27th 2018

The always hard-working Rockland County-based rapper Kamron Bahani keeps on proving he’s a fresh talent in the scene that more should be aware of. He returned in March with his latest album Magnum Opus Open and released a proper music video for its track “Meditations.”

Featuring some of his finest produced beats yet and ever-lightning fast speed flow, his rhymes are quite unparalleled these days in the world of trap and mumble rap.

Find the music video for “Meditations” below (directed by DX Films & Kamron Bahani) and if you dig the track, you can find the whole album available to buy over on iTunes.
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Yaysh – “Daep”

By Will Oliver, March 2nd 2018

Yaysh is a rapper out of Boulder, Colorado who recently released her new single “Daep.”

The word “Daep” means beautiful in Vietnamese. And that’s exactly how one could describe the atmospheric production from producer Troy R8dio Johnson. He gives Yaysh some interesting beats and sonic landscapes to provide her pop-laden rhymes over and it provides some interesting results.

Find a stream of “Daep” below
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El Capitán – “Low”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017

El Capitán combines the talent of two Los Angeles, California locals who go by “Abhi the Nomad” and “Foster.”

Based on their track “Low” these guys are some underground rappers who have a fresh and exciting outlook that deserves paying attention to. It helps that the track has some great 90s-esque production from DJ Nacatz who gives the duo some crisp beats to do their thing over. It’s got a certain energy and charm that is so damn refreshing and honestly beats the hell out of all the trap and popular hip-hop plauging the radio these days.

These gentlemen deserve your attention. Give the official video for “Low” a view below.
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