L.A. Salami – “We’ll Solve It After”

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2019

Singer-songwriter L.A. Salami will return with his new EP Self Portrait in Sound on January 31st, 2020 via Sunday Best/Domino Records. Today we have the lead single from the EP, the thoughtful and lovely “We’ll Solve It After.”

The folk track has a lot of classic charm and qualities to it that gives it a smart vintage quality that comes off smoothly and completely natural. There’s a weightless and floaty feel to this that sounds like a beautiful spring day spent out with the ones you love.

Enjoy a stream to the charming “We’ll Solve It After” below.
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Alexander Biggs – “Madeleine”

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2019

Australian songwriter Alexander Biggs recently wowed us last month with his track “Miserable” and today we share his latest new song, the lovely “Madeleine.”

The track instantly sweeps you off your feet with a tender and sweet nostalgic feeling that is sad but also heartwarming with an uplifting spirit bubbling on the surface. The Conor Oberst comparisons aren’t new for us here but they are very strongly felt here and that is nothing but a compliment.
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Mt. Joy – “Rearrange Us”

By Will Oliver, October 20th 2019

LA-via-Philly folk outfit Mt. Joy are back with a brand new single entitled “Rearrange Us” that is their first bit of new music this year right when the group is currently on their 34-date North American fall headlining tour.

The track showcases them flexing a bit of new muscle to complement their folk sound, bringing it to a bit of new exploratory place for this genre. Here’s a bit about the track right from the band’s Matt Quinn:
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Alexander Biggs – “Miserable”

By Will Oliver, October 2nd 2019 — with 1 comment

25-year-old Australian songwriter Alexander Biggs who has returned with his brand new single “Miserable.”

The track hits a warm and welcoming note that has a hushed quality that calls to mind the work of acts like Andy Shauf and Conor Oberst, with some devastatingly pretty atmospherics behind it that are produced in a pitch-perfect manner.

Here’s a little background about the track from Biggs himself:
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Kristina Stykos – “State Line Diner”

By Will Oliver, September 24th 2019 — with 1 comment

Kristina Stykos is a singer-songwriter who hails from Vermont. Despite being diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia, a disorder that makes speaking and singing difficult or even impossible, Stykos has been confronting it head-on and still managed to return with her new album River of Light much earlier this year.

“State Line Diner” is a song that opens the LP and has a 90s feeling to it that is warm and passionate and full of smart songwriting that feels familiar but in a way that is like an old friend or comfortable blanket that you know you can always rely on.

Find “State Line Diner” streaming below and find the entire album available to buy or stream at her Bandcamp.
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The Rightly So – “Black and Blue”

By Will Oliver, September 23rd 2019

The Rightly So is a Buffalo-based folk outfit that recently released their brand new album Vandura. The band have spent countless time out of the road, practically living out there, a lifestyle and perspective which became an inspiration for their album.

Today we share with you the heartfelt lead-off track from the album that opens it in style. It has a warm and receptive Americana influence that combines elements of folk and country in a winning fashion that feels authentic, honest, and true. With the duel tag-team vocals of Greg Zeis & Jess Chizuk both getting a chance to shine here, it gives the track some dynamic punch and emotion that hits hard.

Enjoy a listen to “Black and Blue” below and find the whole album available to stream and purchase over at their Bandcamp.
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Wintersleep – “Free Fall”

By Will Oliver, September 16th 2019

Canadian folk-rockers Wintersleep returned earlier this year with their new album In the Land Of, which was released via Dine Alone Records.

They’ve since returned with a brand new 7″ single featuring two new songs. Today we are sharing the a-side “Free Fall,” a lush and confident effort that demonstrates the many qualities you’ve come to expect from the band, who make their brand of folk sound so huge and massive, yet personal and intimate at the very same time.

Find “Free Fall” streaming below along with b-side “Fading Out.” You can also find the 7″ available to purchase here.

Simen Mitlid – “Reality Tsars”

By Will Oliver, September 15th 2019

Norweigan singer-songwriter Simen Mitlid released his sophomore album Neutral on September 13th. We’ve shared a few tracks from the album to-date and “Reality Tsars” is the finaly track shared to go along with the album’s release date. The track-focused on his bright-minded folk style with a more uplifting pop aspect that calls to mind the work of modern folk greats like Jose Gonzalez.

Enjoy a listen to “Reality Tsars” below.
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Bonniesongs – “Coo Coo”

By Will Oliver, September 1st 2019

Bonnie Stewart is prepared to release the first Bonniesongs’ album Energetic Mind next week via Small Pond Records. We’ve shared a handful of album cuts already and today we return with “Coo Coo,” the final single to be released ahead of its release.

Built around some loops simply of “coo coo,” the song expands and manages to warp into something of a hypnotic folk force that sticks with you in a haunting fashion. There is just something so raw and passionate and real about her latest offering, the perfect lead-in before the album’s release this Friday.

Enjoy a stream of “Coo Coo” below.
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Ainsley Farrell – “Dark Spell”

By Will Oliver, August 23rd 2019

Ainsley Farrell is a native Californian, who currently resides in Sydney, Australia. She has recently returned with her sprawling new folk single “Dark Spell.”

With powerful vocals that channel great folk singers of the past, as well as more recent emerging figures such as Angel Olsen. “Dark Spell” is written about the “inevitable heartbreak in the falling apart of a relationship,” the song “journey’s through wanting to save the other person from pain.”

Led by her gorgeous vocals and some razor-sharp instrumentation, “Dark Spell” marks Farrell as a clear distinct voice and an artist to watch.

Enjoy a listen to “Dark Spell” below.
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