Chloe Foy – “Callous Copper”

By Will Oliver, January 21st 2020

UK singer-songwriter Chloe Foy is due to release her new EP this Spring and has given us a new taste of it via the lovely new single “Callous Copper.”

Adorned with touching strings and her comfortable and familiar vocals, the track is a thoughtful piece of storytelling that highlights her strength as a writer and singer.
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Todd Warner Moore – “Path Overgrown”

By Will Oliver, January 13th 2020

Originally from Kansas City, Todd Warner Moore has called Hong Kong home for the past nine years. Throughout his career he’s released a wide-spanning collection of music of different genres.

With his latest release, Path Overgrown, Moore turns to a smooth folk sound that has an easy-going and warm style that feels like a look back to the many great folk offerings of the past.

When title track “Path Overgrown” begins, it takes a slow but elegant approach but soon expands its reach with many expansive production flourishes that give it some extra layers of depth and dimension.

Find “Path Overgrown” available to stream below and the whole album can be heard and purchased at Bandcamp.

Caraluna – “Trees of November”

By Will Oliver, December 8th 2019

Caraluna is the new project of Jesse Thom & friends, based out of Salt Spring Island in BC, Canada.

Their sound is a folk sound that dazzles with well placed and timed horns, a warm sound that will definitely speak to fans of Beirut. “Trees of November” is about “uncovering a feeling of home in one’s life despite the inherent chaos and impermanence of human existence.”

Thom’s vocals surrounded by the army of horns work in a way that feels warm and heartfelt, with a familiarity that the band uses very much to their advantage.

Enjoy the video for “Trees of November” posted below.

Adam Melchor – “I Choose You”

By Will Oliver, November 24th 2019 — with 1 comment

LA-via-New Jersey singer/songwriter Adam Melchor has returned with his brand new single “I Choose You,” which arrives along with a brand new 25-date US tour that he will embark on with dodie.

Melchor has persistently won us over with his songwriting talent but not quite as much so as on his latest single “I Choose You.” While the folk songwriting fingerprints of his earlier work are all over the track, Melchor’s songwriting shines in a new way here with an even more confident approach that shines through with an ear-worm of a chorus that is unshakable.
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Chloe Foy – “Never Be the Same Again”

By Will Oliver, November 19th 2019

UK based singer-songwriter Chloe Foy will return with a brand new EP next year and has returned with a brand new single entitled “Never Be the Same Again.” Armed with her strong and passionate vocals and some well-placed strings, the track has that sweeping melancholic feeling that has shined through on all her previous offerings.

With “Never Be the Same Again,” Chloe explains:
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Caroline Lazar – “Roller Rink”

By Will Oliver, November 19th 2019

New York singer-songwriter Caroline Lazar is an artist we featured twice earlier this year and she has since returned with her brand new single “Roller Rink.”

The track is about Lazer’s story of “putting my own needs aside in order to fit the mold someone has set for me.” A tender and personal offering, she connects with the listener with an authentic approach that sees her expand her sound with some high-end production value and well-placed horns that work magically.

You can find “Roller Rink” streaming below.
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Melissa Mary Ahern – “How Will I Know”

By Will Oliver, November 19th 2019

This summer we featured the lovely track “Maria, Maria” from Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Melissa Mary Ahern. Today we return with her follow-up release, the equally lovely “How Will I Know.”

A sparse and personal folk track, “How Will I Know” taps into a heartfelt space, one that gives a good hard look at romance in a personal manner that feels raw, vulnerable and totally convincing.

Enjoy a listen to “How Will I Know” below.
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L.A. Salami – “We’ll Solve It After”

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2019

Singer-songwriter L.A. Salami will return with his new EP Self Portrait in Sound on January 31st, 2020 via Sunday Best/Domino Records. Today we have the lead single from the EP, the thoughtful and lovely “We’ll Solve It After.”

The folk track has a lot of classic charm and qualities to it that gives it a smart vintage quality that comes off smoothly and completely natural. There’s a weightless and floaty feel to this that sounds like a beautiful spring day spent out with the ones you love.

Enjoy a stream to the charming “We’ll Solve It After” below.
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