Mountain Soundsystems – “ORMUS”

By Will Oliver, February 17th 2020

Mountain Soundsystems is a Seattle-based electronic music producer Jared Sand, who makes live instrumental jams and psychedelic grooves.

On his debut offering “Ormus,” he creates trippy electronic soundscapes layered with synths and beats. His goal is to create a dream-like feeling, or “perhaps the soundtrack for a newer science fiction movie taking place somewhere in space.”
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Acidic Base – “Tachyon”

By Will Oliver, February 14th 2020

Chicago’s Acidic Base is the brainchild of Siddharth Goswami who has had a love and an interest for making music from a young age.

He has combined a few different elements into something of his own hypnotic electronic music that dabbles in synth-wave, house and electronica.

This is seen on his latest release “Tachyon.” He summons colorful arrangements and some chill atmospherics that have a hypnotic quality that is both thoughtful but energetic enough to make you want to dance.

Find “Tachyon” available to stream below.

Ose – “The Spirit Axis”

By Will Oliver, February 12th 2020

Ose is the ambient/experimental project of Liverpool-based multi-alias artist, Ewan Fisher.

Last September saw him release his debut album Ellipses and today we are sharing the hypnotic single “The Spirit Axis,” and it’s newly released music video. The track has a dreamy 80s vibe that would fit in perfectly well in next Strange Things soundtrack, but with a gloomy and nostalgic leaning ambient edge that gets the emotions going.
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Four Tet – “Baby”

By Will Oliver, February 11th 2020

Photo by Anthony Bauer

Four Tet will return with his new album Sixteen Oceans in March and has previewed it with the first single “Baby.”

The track features a mix of some lush ambient elements mixed in with some more dance elements pushed forward with the use of a sample of Ellie Goulding’s vocals that give it a colorful burst of light.

You can find the lovely track available to stream below.
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Mint Julep – “Escape”

By Will Oliver, February 4th 2020

Mint Julep is the husband and wife duo Keith and Hollie Kennif who released their brand new album Stray Fantasies on January 31st via Western Vinyl.

We have shared a few cuts from the album including lead singles “Blended” and the self-titled track and to celebrate the release of the album, we return with one more track: “Escape.”

Built with 80s adorned synth production style that perfectly suites Hollie’s ethereal vocals, it’s another lush dreamer from the album which shouldn’t be slept on.

Enjoy a listen to “Escape” below and find the whole album available to listen to on Bandcamp.

[new]: Dan Deacon – “Become A Mountain”

By Will Oliver, January 15th 2020

Photo by Frank Hamilton

On January 31st Dan Deacon will return with his new album Mystic Familiar via Domino Records.

He’s recently released his second single from the album, “Become A Mountain,” a notable release as it’s the first time on record that Deacon has presented his natural singing voice, unprocessed and with minimal all-acoustic accompaniment.

The album was a personal one for Deacon, which makes this choice ring that much more true.
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[new]: Westerman – “Blue Comanche”

By Will Oliver, January 15th 2020

West London’s Westerman has signed to Partisan Records and has shared his new single “Blue Comanche,” his first release on the label.

The track is an airy and contemplative listen, one that automatically hits an emotional undercurrent that only grows every step of the way. With an incredible and honest vocal performance paired with sparse guitar work and soaring synths, the effect is simply chilling.
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Midrange Crisis – “Mainframe Destiny”

By Will Oliver, January 12th 2020

Midrange Crisis is a mysterious new synthwave project who will release their new EP A Computer Called Life on January 30th

“Mainframe Destiny” is the latest single shared ahead of the EP’s release, which features some Chromatics like electronic soundscapes with a late-night vibe and atmosphere that will remind fans of Drive of some of the same audio aesthetics and some well-placed guitar that adds a little bit of something to the formula.

While the EP isn’t out until the end of the month, the artist was kind enough to give us the first exclusive listen and the premiere of the EP, which we have embedded below, along with the standalone stream of “Mainframe Destiny” as well.

A Computer Called Life early stream: