[new]: Dan Deacon – “Become A Mountain”

By Will Oliver, January 15th 2020

Photo by Frank Hamilton

On January 31st Dan Deacon will return with his new album Mystic Familiar via Domino Records.

He’s recently released his second single from the album, “Become A Mountain,” a notable release as it’s the first time on record that Deacon has presented his natural singing voice, unprocessed and with minimal all-acoustic accompaniment.

The album was a personal one for Deacon, which makes this choice ring that much more true.
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[new]: Westerman – “Blue Comanche”

By Will Oliver, January 15th 2020

West London’s Westerman has signed to Partisan Records and has shared his new single “Blue Comanche,” his first release on the label.

The track is an airy and contemplative listen, one that automatically hits an emotional undercurrent that only grows every step of the way. With an incredible and honest vocal performance paired with sparse guitar work and soaring synths, the effect is simply chilling.
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Midrange Crisis – “Mainframe Destiny”

By Will Oliver, January 12th 2020

Midrange Crisis is a mysterious new synthwave project who will release their new EP A Computer Called Life on January 30th

“Mainframe Destiny” is the latest single shared ahead of the EP’s release, which features some Chromatics like electronic soundscapes with a late-night vibe and atmosphere that will remind fans of Drive of some of the same audio aesthetics and some well-placed guitar that adds a little bit of something to the formula.

While the EP isn’t out until the end of the month, the artist was kind enough to give us the first exclusive listen and the premiere of the EP, which we have embedded below, along with the standalone stream of “Mainframe Destiny” as well.

A Computer Called Life early stream:

Smalltalk – “Feels”

By Will Oliver, December 30th 2019

Smalltalk is the San Francisco duo of Peter Fenn and Parker Livingston.

They returned this year with their new album I Met Jesus; She Called Me Sweetie which features the genre-defying track “Feels.” On it they dabble from everything from chill electronica and hip-hop, adopting an approach similar to The Avalanches, creating something that feels familiar yet very much in its own arena.

Find “Feels” streaming below and the whole album available to check out on their Spotify.
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Paco Versailles – “Libertine”

By Will Oliver, December 8th 2019

Paco Versailles, the duo of Vahagni and Ryan Merchant have returned with their colorful summery new single “Libertine” that is a nice antidote to the cold weather that we are currently fighting through.

The track hones in some of the best of classic dance and funk genres, creating an effortlessly cool and smooth track that is just aching to be blasted during a warm summer afternoon spent poolside.

Enjoy a listen to the groovy “Libertine” below.
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Mint Julep – “Blended”

By Will Oliver, December 2nd 2019

Mint Julep, the husband-and-wife duo of Keith and Hollie Kenniff have returned with their new offering “Blended,” the first single taken from their new album Stray Fantasies, out January 31st 2020 via Western Vinyl.

“Blinded,” which is also the album opener, shines with some soaring and colorful atmospherics and 80s soundscapes that scratch that tender electronic itch in the most satisfying way. Their arrangements take your mind to a soaring place of nostalgia, also tapping into the longing for much warmer days and laid back time spent with friends.
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Galapaghost – “Mirage”

By Will Oliver, October 30th 2019

Texas-based producer Galapaghost has toured with artists such as John Grant and made music for Netflix Italy’ promotional video for 13 Reasons Why. He has recently returned with his brand new EP A Planet Without An Atmosphere, a collection of songs that see the artist venturing further down the spiral into ambient electronica with some intensely personal themes.

Here’s a personal description of the basis of the EP from Galapaghost himself:
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Video Premiere: SWOLL – “Unwound”

By Will Oliver, September 25th 2019

Photo by Kevin Chambers

Baltimore natives SWOLL began as a collaboration between Matt Dowling and Ben Schurr and last year they released their first bit of music before they even began playing shows.

Their self-titled debut album came not long after and the band toured in support of the album, becoming more of a band and less of a bedroom recording project, recruiting synth player Erik Sleight and lighting artist Zak Forrest to give their live shows a new direction.
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That Gum U Like – “Ballad Of A Boy”

By Will Oliver, September 23rd 2019

That Gum U Like is a husband-and-wife duo based out of Brazil, whose name is a clever Twin Peaks reference.

They consider themselves a dream-pop/shoegaze band, with references from groups like Cocteau Twins, Slowdive and others. You can hear a bit from their effervescent and dreamy single “Ballad of a Boy,” that takes the listener to a far and away place of lush sincerity. It’s got a well-built support system of swirling synths and electronics that are built around the clean cut vocals that are perfectly suited for the track.

Enjoy a stream of “Ballad Of A Boy” posted below.
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