Electro Pop

Augustine – “Picking Up Speed”

By Will Oliver, March 29th 2020

Augustine was recently named Pop Artist of the Year at the Swedish Independent Music Awards and has followed that achievement up with his brand new single “Picking Up Speed.”

It’s a soaring piece of electro pop that takes the genre to a fresh and engaging place with some gorgeous vocals that float perfectly above the colorful soundscapes that are so elegantly produced. It’s like a mix of the early work of artists such as Passion Pit and Empire Of The Sun.

Find the track available to stream below, along with a little bit of information about the track from the artist himself:

”It’s about building this little universe with someone. Just living in your bubble together and feeling that everyone on the outside sucks. But regardless of how good it is, you fear that it could break at any moment. The more you gain, the more you may lose. Picking up speed together with someone who means the world to you can be the scariest thing.

Cami Petyn – “Static”

By Will Oliver, January 26th 2020

Los Angeles artist Cami Petyn has just released her debut single “Static, an alt-pop track that balances some weighty topics on its mind.

With a soulful and strong vocal performance, Petyn floats above some icy electronic synth production behind her. Lyrically she talks about overcoming anxiety finding catharsis within the electronic soundscapes.
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Magdalena Bay – “How To Get Physical”

By Will Oliver, January 20th 2020

Last week we shared “Oh Hell,” a track from pop duo Magdalena Bay off their upcoming EP A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling, which will be released on March 13th via Luminelle Recordings.

We’re back with another song from the EP, this time it’s the infectious “How To Get Physical” that has an upbeat and summery colorful dance palette that sounds like it could’ve been released during the pop heyday of the early 2000s.

Find “How To Get Physical” available to stream below.
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Magdalena Bay – “Oh Hell”

By Will Oliver, January 14th 2020

Magdalena Bay, the pop-duo comprised of Mica Tenenbaum (songwriting, vocals) and Matthew Lewin (songwriting, vocals, production) recently returned with their new single “Oh Hell.”

The track moves well with an icy cool glossy production style that works well for their floaty electro-pop nature that features duel vocals that pair nicely with the cool soundscapes that they seem to produced so effortlessly.

Catch the band tomorrow night when they come to Brooklyn for a performance at Zone One at Elsewhere. Tickets are still available to buy right here.

You can find the lyric video and stream for “Oh Well” below.

Winona Oak – “Control”

By Will Oliver, January 12th 2020

Swedish pop singer Winona Oak won us over with her addictive song “Let Me Know.” She’s since returned with her debut EP Closure, which was released via Neon Gold Records / Atlantic Records.

With the release of the EP also came the music video for title track and single “Control.” It’s another colorful and well-produced electro-pop jam that features Lana Del Rey-esque vocals delivered over some smooth dancefloor-ready production flourishes.

Find the music video for the track below and stay tuned for her upcoming tour dates, which includes some debut headlining shows (including Baby’s All Right later this month) as well as more dates opening up for Oh Wonder later this year.

Premiere: Passeport – “Bengal Light”

By Will Oliver, July 19th 2019

Today we have the honor of premiering the brand new single from Passeport, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based electropop trio of Mia Carruthers, Brian Davis, and Benjamin Hines. They all met while playing in Multimagic and formed Passeport in 2016. Along with “Bengal Light,” they’ll release a set of singles that will lead to their debut EP, which will be released by Modern Outsider.

“Bengal Light” is pretty much everything good about the electro/synth-pop genre, with a big 80s inspired sound that is led by the strong vocals of Carruthers who pushes the melody forward with confidence and ease. It’s a natural pop gem that sounds crystal clear and full of life, the type of smart effortless pop music that you wish was the thing actually dominating those radio airwaves.

You can find your exclusive first listen to “Bengal Light” below, along with a bit of info from the band about the meaning behind the track.

The song itself sounds very aspirational even hopeful. Personally, as a lyricist, I have a hard time penning something that is on the nose “hopeful” in an authentic way — so, I did as I normally do, and just wrote what was going on with me emotionally. There were feelings of distrust and betrayal that I was struggling with and needed an outlet for. I put them into Bengal Light and the floodgates really opened. This song addresses some personal things I was struggling with at the time relating to losing Seb from the group, but it also applies to our current political climate. Paranoia and corruption are underlying themes. Can you trust what’s in front of you? What you see? Who you love? I think we’re all asking ourselves these questions right now.

Ariel Beesley – “Palm Springs”

By Will Oliver, July 9th 2019

L.A. indie rock up-and-comer Ariel Beesley hits back with her very summer-ready new single “Palm Springs,” the first proper single from her debut album.

The track, which was produced by Justin Warfield from She Wants Revenge, is an empowering synth-pop effort that tackles Beesley going through a breakup and “concluding with the idea that I’m really fucking good on my own.”

Enjoy a listen to “Palm Springs” below and stay tuned for more from her forthcoming debut album very soon.
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Savoir Adore – “Body Heat”

By Will Oliver, March 2nd 2019

Brooklyn’s Savoir Adore will return with new album Full Bloom on April 5th, via Nettwerk. We previously shared album single “Bloom” and today we return with their second single “Body Heat.”

The band continues their wide-armed embrace of electro-pop and it’s a fun summery listen that definitely is welcome right now during this snow-filled weekend.

Enjoy a listen to “Body Heat” below.
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