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We All Want Someone’s Best Songs of the 2010s

By Will Oliver, January 11th 2020 — with 1 comment

Artwork by Anthony Bauer

While making our best albums of the decade list wasn’t an easy task, figuring out our best songs was ten times more difficult. Do you pick the obvious single or that hidden gem that revealed its true glory with every new listen? How many songs do I even include? 200 is a lot, 100 is too little to really showcase the best of ten years. So I had some fun with it (the only sane way to take on an insane task like this) and decided that since it’s 2020, I’d do a list of 220 songs.
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We All Want Someone’s Best Albums of the 2010s

By Will Oliver, January 8th 2020 — with 2 comments

Artwork by Anthony Bauer

Where did the time go?

10 years ago, I was a sophomore in college, still fumbling around with what exactly running a music blog meant and where I would take it as a college kid just trying to figure out…well, everything. A lot has changed since then, many of the blogs that I grew up with and grew with are now literally gone or just operating in the realm of Spotify playlists like the rest of the world.

Think back to the person you were last year, let alone 10 years ago. You’re likely a much different person than you were then. I know I am. But what stayed a constant is the love for music, that never waned. Although the industry has shifted, trends have come and gone (RIP EDM, good fucking riddance to ya), our love for music is always what pushed us through.
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