The prolific Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys is the Berlin-based project of led by South African-born artist, Lucy Kruger.

On May 31st she returned with her new album, A Human Home, a gorgeous record of drone-led folk with an experimental yet totally commanding presence that left quite the mark on us. Featuring stunning tracks such as the following lead singles and particular standouts:

“A Human Home”, a really tender and thoughtful expansive ambient and dreamlike blend of indie rock with a hypnotic presence about it. Folk esque with sharp guitar work.

“Sandcastle” has a Bjork/PJ Harvey presence to it, a commanding ethereal nature with a dreamlike status to it, as much as one that puts you just slightly in a state of unease.

“Virtual Muse” an equally haunted presence that has a cinematic haze quality to it, as bewitching as it is loose, with a deft sinister touch that you can’t quite peer away from.

Enjoy a full listen to the album and give it a purchase over at Bandcamp.

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