Photos + Article by Will Oliver

Ty Segall returned in January with new album Three Bells (via Drag City) and returned to New York City for his first proper full-band (Emmett Kelly, Mikal Cronin, Evan Burrows, and Ben Boye) show in some time.

On Monday, April 29th, Ty and the band ripped into a typically roaring performance that features a good healthy chunk of the new album, presented in a classic rock and glam glory that still featured all the expected crowd activity and movement that we come to expect from a Ty Segall show.

Along with the new material, Ty brought back older cuts such as “Goodbye Bread” and “My Head Explodes’, as well as “Melted” and “Imaginary Person.” While there was still plenty of controlled chaos from the performance, it was also a more mature and precise performance from Ty and his band, showing his continued growth over the years.

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