Night Hikes is the San Fransico-based duo of Olivia Godby and Matthew Farrell, who is gearing up for the release of their new EP Perfect Wonder, and have since shared the lead single and title track, “Perfect Wonder.”

The song is described as “a reflection on the longing for connection that creates the fabric of our world” and one that is delicately crafted with vibrant and colorful production with an 80s state of being and atmosphere and a combination of vocals that takes you soaring into the cosmos.

Or as they put it:

“Beneath the distraction and anxiety and expectation of our mental life, there is this vulnerable, precious desire to be completely known—to be seen in this way that takes your breath away. When we let ourselves go to that place, it’s a step into this perfect state of wonder that feels like a true homecoming.”

Enjoy a listen to “Perfect Wonder” now below.

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