Niamh Barry

Irish singer-songwriter Ailbhe Reddy will release her new album Endless Affair on March 17 via MNRK UK. Ahead of its release, Reddy has shared its lead single, “Shitshow”.

The track, which is described as a “humbling account of a party’s aftermath”, straddles a fine line of indie rock and pop with a bit of a 90s feel to the sludgy guitar work and meditative and emotive nature of its delivery.

Speaking on the track, Reddy comments:

“Sh*tshow came from a lyric I played with for a few months which was “my god, look at the state of me, this is so embarrassing, won’t you take me home?” It’s kind of addressing another person and kind of addressing myself from the perspective of the morning after. I had those lyrics for a while and while working with Tommy McLaughlin on the record he jokingly said we should call the album Sh*tshow and I vowed to work that word into a lyric so it perfectly fit into this song. It’s about looking back on a night out with regret while also addressing and apologising to an ex-partner about my antics.  The first verse is to myself and the second verse is to someone else. It’s kind of a tongue in cheek examination of a bad hangover.”

Find the video for “Shitshow” available to watch now below.

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