Photos + Article by Bryan Lasky

Nick Mason brought his band Saucerful of Secrets to The Capitol Theatre, after having been delayed a few times because of COVID. The band only covers Pink Floyd material from their earliest beginnings through the album Obscured by Clouds. The band includes Guy Pratt, who took Roger Waters place on bass when Pink Floyd returned to touring after he left, as well as guitarist and singer Gary Kemp, from Spandau Ballet. The duo did a great job of handling the vocals all evening. Lee Harris gets to shine on the guitar with plenty of great solos and Dom Beken rounds out the band handling the keyboards beautifully.

Nick was in fine spirits, joking with the crowd and telling a few facts about some of the songs they were playing. This included that this is the first Pink Floyd related band, including every cover band he jokingly could name, to play Syd Barrett’s “Vegetable Man”. The show felt like a transportation at times to the old acid test days of the 60’s with a live liquid live show taking place, albeit with a 21st-century twist of it being done at the soundboard and projected onto the backdrop via a webcam. The band closed the second set with a striking version of the epic “Echoes” and came back for a fun encore of a couple of early Syd singles and the song they take their name of.

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