néomí is the project of Surinamese/Dutch folk-pop singer-songwriter Neomi Speelman, who recently released her debut ep before, via PIAS Recordings.

Highlighting the EP is the standout single, “”Not Good Enough.” A slow burn but ever-expanding folk sound, the track opens wide into a warm and gorgous classic folk sound. It’s her own unique take on the genre that takes it to a sincere and personal place of introspection, as she describes below:

This song is about losing the love you have for yourself. Sometimes the world can bring a lot of insecurities, along with opinions from people about you that you didn’t even ask for. It actually is a reminder for myself and to anyone that listens that feeling “not good enough” doesn’t mean it is the truth. It is a “I don’t care” message for those who said you are “not good enough” to fit in.

Enjoy a listen to “Not Good Enough” now below and find the EP available to stream at Spotify.

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