British punk rockers French Alps Tiger are a band who describe their sound as “skate punk for the blind drunk”, something that sold us from the onset.

They have recently returned with their fifth single, “Lost Boys” a surfy punk anthem meant to “fling yourself around in grimy venues.” Big high energy guitar work with a bit of DIIV jangly post-punk guitar sound with lovely guitar work, it’s a sound that meshes many post 2000s rock sounds into something of their own.

About the song, the band explains:

Fuck Peter Pan and fuck Keifer Sutherland.

‘Lost Boys’ is a razor sharp, white knuckle, dirty bomb, from the east side of The Costa Del Swan. 

Skate-Punk for the Blind Drunk. You didn’t have to think of the last thing you thought of. So why try, Eh? Instead, enjoy this Ode to all those consciously pissing into the wind, just because they’re used to the taste, and feel uncomfortable not being drenched in a mess of their own making

Enjoy a listen to “Lost Boys” now below.

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