Silver Liz, the Brooklyn-based husband/wife duo of Carrie and Matt Wagner are preparing for the release of theire sophomore album which will be released later this Spring.

The duo has given us a taste of the upcoming record with their new single “Until Lately”, which will open the record.

The track has this larger-than-life presence about it with a bit of a 90s dreamy indie-folk and rock sound that has a bit of a Mazzy Star quality. The dreamy nature is still very much there, but this is a more tranquil and slow-burn sound that expands with a natural emotional instinct that pays dividends.

About the song, Carrie explains:

I remember playing the song for Matt for the first time. He… hated it. It was very earnest compared to more cryptic lyrics I had written in the past. While the lyrics aren’t completely based on my personal experience, I heightened the feelings of jealousy I sometimes had as a kid and that I still experience. When I would introduce myself to people just a few years ago, I felt weird putting out into the world that making music was what I wanted to do, because in a few of my social circles that was confusing to people. Thankfully my insecurities around that have subsided more and more over the years, and the song alludes to that.

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