Photos by Dan Palumbo

On November 2nd one of the best modern-day guitar shredders, Gary Clark Jr. kicked off a 3-night run at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York.

The setlist mainly pulled from his 2019 album This Land, as well as some well-fitted covers of B.B. King’s “My Baby’s Gone” and Albert Collins’ “If Troube Was Money.” The setlist touched upon older favorites as well, showcasing the already impressive and wide-spanning career, that is some ways is still really only getting started.

Our photographer Dan Palumbo was in attendance for night 1, you can find all of his shots posted in the gallery below.

Gary Clark Jr. setlist:

  1. Bright Lights
  2. What About Us
  3. Stay
  4. When I’m Gone
  5. I Walk Alone
  6. Our Love
  7. Feed the Babies
  8. You Saved Me
  9. Gotta Get Into Something
  10. I Got My Eyes on You
  11. Feelin’ Like a Million
  12. Low Down Rolling Stone
  13. When My Train Pulls In


14. The Guitar Man
15. Cold Blooded
16. Pearl Cadillac

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