“Bones” is the debut release from Liverpool, UK, band stores, the duo of Hannah Brown & Sam Warren. “Bones” will be included on their debut EP, which will be released in November.

The track channels a 90s grunge rock groove with a bit of a garage influence that suites their melodic sense to perfection. The sludgy rocker finds a bit of a slacker sound that hits all the right notes and has us keeping a keen ear on them as ones to watch.

About the song the band added:

The song started to emerge in dreamlike fashion, little snippets of old melodies and chord progressions emerging after months and years spent swimming around in their respective subconsciouses, lyrics just mumbled at first, gradually gestating into something intriguingly cryptic. ‘Baby it’s alright, the owls are in the garden,’ they sing on ‘Bones’. “When I wasn’t feeling mentally very well, there was an owl that used to live outside of the window,” explains Warren. “We used to talk all the time. It made us feel much better…”

Stay tuned for another single in late September, but for now, enjoy a listen to “bones” below.

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