Rochester, New York’s Maybird continues their reliable streak of release with their new album Wonderland, which was released for one day only on August 6th, with an eventual release on streaming platforms on a later date. But you can stream one of the album highlights and lead singles in “Open Your Eyes.”

It’s a psych-rock odyssey of sorts, that takes the listener on a trippy sonic journey through the cosmos. A bit of MGMT, Pink Floyd, and My Morning Jacket all run through the veins of the track, one that “explores the crippling nature of depression and anxiety” but from a positive lens, also urging the listener to “remember that if they can take ownership of the moment and open their eyes it is possible to turn these feelings around.”

About the track, Maybird’s Josh Netsky says of the track:

I wrote Open Your Eyes a while before the pandemic hit, but it now feels very much like it fits that era. It’s kind of about moping around inside all day, not wanting to get out of bed, or feeling like there is a reason to…

Enjoy a stream of “Open Your Eyes” now below.

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