Jenny Owen Youngs has recently let go of her new EP Echo Mountain which features a lovely S. Carey remix of her track “Dungeons and Dragons.”

This version is a more patient and reflective atmospheric slow burn, that goes to an even darker place than the original. His take almost gives it an Imogean Heap feel, sans electronic vocal effects.

About the remix, Youngs’ offered this insight:

I feel like Sean found a way to pull the song into an even deeper, darker cavern, so appropriate for the lyric,” says Youngs. “But he also maintained a very human warmth throughout, via the addition of lush layers and a tiny excerpt of dreamy D&D gameplay right at the end. You can practically feel the torchlight glinting off the dice

Find his remix of “Dungeons and Dragons” posted below and the entire EP available to stream or purchase at Bandcamp.

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