“All This Art” by Teenage Sequence is a track that is gaining a lot of ground very quickly.

As the single begins you wouldn’t be wrong to mistake it for an unreleased LCD Soundsystem song from the beginning of their career. The synths and beats just scream “Losing My Edge” and then when Dewan-Dean Soomary, who has been in the London rock scene for a number of years, comes in with lyrics, it continues that thread with as much snark as you can handle. The song’s lyrics deal with racism in the music industry and life.

Dewan-Dean Soomary said of the track

“All This Art” is as much about the systemic racism of the UK music industry as it is my own neurosis, as serious about these subjects as it (an attempt at being) humorous–in a sort of “if you don’t laugh, you’d stare blankly into the void wondering what’s the point” way. I never intended for the first Teenage Sequence single to be 6.23 seconds of the same beat (pop career suicide), but here we are!

The song never slows and you will find yourself dancing to this song immediately. I haven’t had this big of a smile on my face for brand new music from someone I just discovered scrolling through the internet in a long time. I hope there is more coming this summer, but if this is all we have, I’m excited to dance to it all summer long.

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