Photo by Beto Espinosa

The Narcotix has shared its first single, “John/Joseph”, from their upcoming EP Mommy Issues, which is going to be self-released on June 11.

The song has a great groove that highlights their West African art-folk musical roots, but blends some funk and electronica to create a beautiful landscape. The vocals have a lot of reverb, making them sound otherworldly as Becky Foinchas and Esther Quansah’s voices swirl around one another. It feels like the band mashed up a few ideas for different songs into what we here now. Sometimes mashing up ideas doesn’t work, but “John/Joseph” knocks that technique out of the park.

The group describes their EP as

“a culmination of boyish triumph and charm, belied by mesmerizing snapshots of contemplation and isolation not specific to this time. It is a collection of spectral elegies for the living, a macabre homage to  Brothers Grimm folklore through an Afromasochistic lens”.

Check out the song below and look for the EP in June.

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