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Well who had System Of A Down returning with new music on their 2020 bingo board? For once, 2020 has given us a gift of sorts, as the band have delivered not just one, but two brand new songs with “Protect The Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz.”

The songs came together after the band, who are all Armenian, saw the country of Azerbaijan start a conflict with Armenia. The band will donate proceeds from the songs, which come out Friday, to aid Armenians, and it is soliciting fans to donate to the Armenia Fund.

We wish that it was under better circumstances that got the band to release new material, but we also are just bad to have some new songs, especially considering that I was in high school when they released their last album, Hypnotize.

Both songs actually seem to pick up right where they left off, for better and worse. It seems faithfully System and has some of their best elements but the songs don’t really pull them into a new direction or quite have that same punch that their best songs do. But there are some flashes of that same energy, especially in “Genocidal Humanoidz.”

You can buy both songs now at their Bandcamp (as well as the full message from the band) and find them both streaming below, along with the full message from the band.

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