Pinot & The Noirs – “La Moneda”

By Will Oliver, September 14th 2020 New Song

Pinot & The Noirs are a psych-rock band out of Brooklyn who channels some heavy atmosphere on their brooding new track “La Moneda.”

There’s a moodiness to their track that feels like a mix of Interpol and Explosions In The Sky, with some of the sonic exploration of Mogwai. It shifts gears enough to keep you on your toes and offers a wide range of emotions.

As the band describes it:

“La Moneda” was written from the perspective of Chile’s socialist president Salvador Allende during the 1973 coup d’├ętat in which Allende would take his own life. The refrain “I’m still alive” is in reference to Allende’s ideals and values.

Enjoy a listen to “La Moneda” below.