Callum Pitt is a British singer-songwriter who has released his lovely new single “Ghost.”

What stands out immediately is Putt’s falsetto vocals. They are perfectly suited for the atmospheric folk sound that accompanies them, pretty and emotional with a melancholic feeling of a love lost, or relationship long forgotten.

It’s no surprise to learn the heartbreaking background of the song, one that”

documents a long journey of seeing a loved one deteriorating from cancer, start to finish. It focuses quite prominently on the normal and even un-noteworthy times within this particular period, and the fact that happy memories could still be made despite the black cloud looming in the distance.

It’s a devastating listen but one that is sadly all too appropriate with all that is happening around us this year. There are aspects of some of the biggest folk-rock voices out there but Pitt transforms it into something distinctly his own and actually genuine.

Find “Ghost” streaming below.

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