Last month we shared “Believe” the second single from Byland, the project of Seattle-based musician Alie Renee. The track is from her debut album GRAY, due out on October 2nd.

She’s since returned with the equally haunting third single, “Passed Me By.” It’s a well-orchestrated ballad that enters the sonic territory of chamber pop, with an effective and moving atmosphere and mood that transports the listener to a contemplative state of being.

Or as she describes it:

“Passed Me By” was written as a personal commitment to being present, in the moment, and in my body. I often subconsciously think that I have all the time in the world to do what I want to do and become who I want to become. I don’t. Time is constantly passing me by. Growth takes intention. It takes owning each moment and being present in my own life.

Enjoy the equally lovely music for “Passed Me By” below. And if you can spare it, consider buying the song from her Bandcamp as today all proceeds go directly to the artists.

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