It didn’t take long for me to say yes to premiering New York duo Bubble Tea and Cigarettes’ new song, “Go Down Stairs to the Blue Moon, Buy Some Fried Chicken.” I mean, with a song title like that, you know it is going to be good. How could I say no?

But it also helps a great deal that the song is a lovely slice of dream pop that checks all the boxes that a winning effort in this drama requires. It has a hushed quality and a roaming sonic feel that reminds of Beach House, just with a slightly more soulful drawl to it that gives it a nice melancholic nature.

The duo describe the track as one that “paints a picture of a young girl who’s stranded and bored by the city life but still looking for love, sex and hope while facing insecurity, depression, and self-isolation.”

We are happy to premiere “Go Down Stairs to the Blue Moon, Buy Some Fried Chicken,” which is available to stream below

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