Photo by Ebru Yildiz

New Zealand’s Wax Chattels will release their sophomore LP, Clot, on September 25th via Captured Tracks / Flying Nun Records.

They’ve shared the album’s second single, “Efficiency,” a hard-hitting slice of industrial hard rock that toys with electronic interplay before thrashing your eardrums away in a blissful and cathartic manner. This is the sort of song that makes me miss live music even more than I already am as I can only imagine how great this would be in person.

Find a quote on the track from the band’s Peter Ruddell:

‘Efficiency’ is about the frustration felt when you force yourself to bite your tongue, instead of escalating uncomfortable conversations into confrontations. It’s about biding your time, finding the right time and place to express your concerns — and with this song, it’s about coming to the bleak realisation that, more often than not, nothing will ever change

Along with the stream of “Efficiency”:

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