Windser – “July”

By Will Oliver, July 31st 2020 Listen Stream

Windser is the solo project of songwriter Jordan Topf, formerly of the band Mainland. He’s just released his debut solo single “July,” which he also produced.

After retreating to a house in Northern California in 2020, he wrote and produced the track which is a culmination of all the changes that have occurred in his own life, as well as the world at large during a very tough year. The track finds a way to deliver melancholic folk arrangements that also have a rather catchy memorable chorus and pop appeal.

Topf goes into great detail about the process leading up to the writing of “July” with the following quote:

The song is a letter to the past and the way life moves so quickly. When the pandemic hit, my girlfriend and I migrated to the woods and I set up a makeshift studio. I wrote this song when I realized all the people I’d been missing and all of the changes that were happening around me. I spent the last couple years in my old band Mainland touring, playing festivals, and writing/producing for other artists. This year I felt like it was time to go out on my own, and release music that felt like the next step in my artistic career.

Enjoy a listen to “July” below.