Norweigan pop star Annie hasn’t released a studio album since Don’t Stop in 2009 (though she did release the This Endless Vacation EP in 2015). But that changes on October 16th when she returns with her long-awaited new album Dark Hearts.

The album announcement also came with the release of the delightful synth-pop journey that is “American Cars.” A track that features a Chromatics like soundscape behind her ethereal vocal performance that soars brightly.

It’s no accident that “American Cars” carries a cinematic tone. Annie called describes Dark Hearts “the soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist” and that “American Cars” is partly inspired by David Cronenberg’s Crash

Enjoy a listen to “American Cars” below, where we’ve also shared the album artwork and tracklist.

Dark Hearts Tracklist:

1. In Heaven
2. The Streets Where I Belong
3. Dark Hearts
4. Miracle Mile
5. Corridors of Time
6. Forever ’92
7. American Cars
8. Mermaid Dreams
9. Stay Tomorrow
10. The Countdown to the End of the World
11. The Bomb
12. The Untold Story
13. It’s Finally Over


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