Following “Breadwinner” Widowspeak have announced their new album Plum, which will come out on August 23 via Captured Tracks.

With the announcement comes the release of new single “Money.” The track soars over the back of a super slick and infectious guitar lick, that allows singer Molly Hamilton plenty of space to lay down her dreamy vocals. The track discusses the way that money plays a role in everything we do and the effect that has on our society.

Hamilton goes on to explain further below:

I’ve been thinking a lot about the things we tell ourselves in order to “forget” the toll of our collective actions: whatever makes it easier to forgive what we’re complicit in. Some of that is related to the environment and how people have trained themselves to tune out “environmentalist propaganda”. We made part of the video at a park in Kingston and the archival footage is mostly pulled from films aimed at employees or shareholders of various industries. The narration for many of them (forestry, agriculture, mining, energy) was surprisingly concerned with the dangers of an environment out of balance… Shows you that we haven’t learned much in the last 70 years. On the other hand, the lyrics are also about capitalism and how it trains us to see everything in terms of value, even our experiences, and we get so caught up in seeking some sort of return on investment that we ignore the damage we inflict (on people, on ourselves, on the planet).”

Find the official video for “Money” available to watch below.

Plum Tracklisting:

1. Plum
2. The Good Ones
3. Money
4. Breadwinner
5. Even True Love
6. Amy
7. Sure Thing
8. Jeanie
9. Y2K


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