Mewn – “No Country”

By Will Oliver, May 29th 2020 Listen New Song Stream

Mewn have spent the past two years honing their sound in a decrepit Manchester mill where their studio resides. They have released their haunting debut single “No Country,” which captures a dark atmospheric energy, channeling some early Arcade Fire with gusto and confidence.

We’re impressed with the way the track is able to effortlessly capture this much emotional grit and power. And to do so on your debut single. After hearing this track we can only assume that their EP will be one of the sleeper releases of the year.

Find a description of “No Country” from the band below, followed by a stream of the track.

The track gives ‘different emotional perspectives on a character that society has left behind, culminating in a cry of resignation that does not offer peace, but further struggle.’

Mewn · No Country