Riun Garner – “Trouble”

By Will Oliver, May 1st 2020 Listen Stream

Riun Garner is a Canadian musician from Vancouver, British Columbia who works as a professional actor and director. He began writing and recording “quiet and personal songs as voice memos on his phone for years not knowing what would come of them.”

But with the help of his friends, last November he recorded four of those songs into an analog reel that was found abandoned in an apartment hallway.

These songs resulted in an EP that he plans to release on June 19th. “Trouble” is the first single to be shared from the release and features a heartfelt and tender folk delivery that hits all the right notes. While it may feel somewhat familiar to others of the genre. Garner’s approach to his sound is so genuine and moving that you have no choice but to be swept away by it.

Enjoy a stream to “Trouble” below and stay tuned for more from Garner in the near future.

riungarner ยท Trouble