Photos by Bryan Lasky

Irish rising rock stars The Murder Capital are a band we’ve been excited to see ever since the release of their excellent debut album was released last year. We had the pleasure of chatting with drummer Diarmuid Brennan ahead of their first-ever tour here in the states.

The timing of their tour was unfortunate with the rising concerns of the Coronavirus, which allowed them to only perform two of their scheduled dates. Sadly, I had to miss out on their New York City performance at Knitting Factory with the fear of the virus, but our photographer Bryan Lasky was able to make their debut U.S. performance the night before in Massachusettes at ONCE Somerville.

Find all of his shots posted in the gallery below, along with the setlist and shots of openers Rude.


The Murder Capital:

The Murder Capital setlist:

1. Green & Blue
2. For Everything
3. Slowdance I
4. Slowdance II
5. On Twisted Ground
6. Love, Love, Love
7. More Is Less
8. Don’t Cling To Life
9. Feeling Fades

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