London band Leif Erikson recently released their new EP Question Time. We’ve already shared the title track as well as “When Love Rings.”

Today we hit back with the third and final cut from the EP, “I Just Want To Be Your Man.” It’s further proof that Leif Erikson are able to confidently navigate this smooth alt rock sound that is full of clean cut instrumentation and equally smooth vocals.

Find a description about the song from the band’s Sam Johnston, posted below, along with a stream of the track.

Another achy breaky heart tune. I was trying to achieve a beatles-esque simplicity with the lyrics, aside from the chorus just rhyming with ‘I wanna hold your hand.’ It’s about a break up that you don’t want to happen but can see coming. You feel like you’d do anything to stop it from getting away from you but there’s an inevitability to it. Sad times! Although it’s a slightly morose subject matter, I love the feel and groove of this song, it’s great to play.“, Sam Johnston, Leif Erikson

Enjoy a stream of “I Just Want To Be Your Man” below.


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