Chris Ianuzzi – “Hello”

By Will Oliver, March 15th 2020 Other

New York Electronic Symphonic composer Chris Ianuzzi has returned with his brand new EP Olga in a Black Hole, featuring 3 brand new tracks, previewing what will end up being his new full-length album Planetaria.

“Hello” is the lead single from the EP, a colorful synth exploration that is packed with color and insight, providing the listener with a look down one hell of a trippy rabbit hole, one that feels like something you could’ve heard in a late 90s film like The Matrix.

Trip in a New Future. I have started something different for myself. Feels like a return to my roots in Electronic music. I had ventured to making song related music and now I am freeing myself of that structure and headed towards something new.

It’s always just the beginning 🙂

You can find “Hello” streaming below and find the whole EP available to stream / purchase at Bandcamp.


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