The Fin. – “Over The Hill”

By Will Oliver, February 24th 2020 Indie Listen Stream

Japanese indie group The Fin. returns with new single “Over The Hill,” following the release of their Wash Away EP.

A hypnotic dark tined rocker, the track toys the line between a post punk rock sound and something of a polished shoegaze dream state that creates an emotional journey while listening. There are a few familiar elements here that all add up to form something new entirely.

Here’s a description of the formation of the song from the band’s Yuto Uchino:

It’s a story from a few years ago when I was about to move to London.

Someone told me “make a song about this moment” when I was hanging out with some friends at Meriken Park by the sea in Kobe. I made a demo after I went back home, but it’d been untouched for a long time.

I felt just like I was opening my old treasure chest lost somewhere when I was recording and mixing in a new studio.

You can hear the actual sounds of waves and winds which I recorded in the park at the time on the song.

It’s always been my home town that makes me remind of my self and where I am, even when I’m not there.”

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