Amanda Easton – “I Saw The Message”

By Will Oliver, February 14th 2020 Listen Stream

Australian singer-songwriter Amanda Easton returned with her mini-album Polaroids & Postcards in December. Described as a theatrical and soulful pop artist, she puts that title to good use on the mini-album, including the standout offering “I Saw The Message.”

The track hits with a 90s aesthetic that has some smooth production behind her soulful vocals. Like all the songs off the mini-LP, the song was built around some old memories, some great, some less than so. As Easton describes:

I was packing up my Mum’s house when I discovered a box of old letters and photos of mine and it brought back lots of memories! These songs are all from personal experiences – some joy and love, some heartbreak.

Find Polaroids & Postcards available to stream and purchase on her Bandcamp and find “I Saw The The Message” available to stream below.